Mind Control and You

Throughout my many adventures within the elfin body of the notorious wizard Parciloquy the Peculiar, I have seen numerous variations on the theme of mind control. I am sure you will not be surprised to learn it is quite a common thing throughout the multiverse. It is not hard to conjure up any number of motivations for wanting such power, particularly if you happen to be married. Additionally applicable if you have a live-in psychiatrist.

Though perhaps that is merely my own bias after nearly one thousand years of dealing with difficult people, I suppose.1

In the public interest I would like to take a moment today to write about mind control. Not so much in the general sense, but more in the specific sense of the mind control which you are suffering from at this very moment.

Yes, you read correctly. You may take a moment to read that sentence again.2 You are at this moment under the conscious influence of someone else. There is a person sitting in a room before a computer using it to beam thoughts into your mind. What you think is your inner monologue was created by someone else. Although you are you, the “you” in your head is someone else entirely.

If your first question is “who could do such thing and for what end?” then you’ll be sad to learn that I do not know. Given that it is quite similar in design and technique to Atlantean3 mind control systems, I would guess that it is one of those technologies introduced by Parciloquy but not revealed in the Paddington files. No doubt some church or corporation or government kept it for themselves.

This process for constructing the system is quite simple, really. Although anyone who can use CRISPR4 and has a wifi connection can theoretically mind control someone else, the level—in both a quantitative and qualitative sense—to which you are controlled is on a much, much grander level.

Your mind is being controlled right now by an operation spanning the globe. You are but one of millions of people around the world who have surrendered their consent to some shadowy organization working to some unknown end.

But how could anyone beam thoughts into my mind and convince me to do things I don’t want to do? you may be asking yourself right now. I can not blame you if you feel a bit of incredulity at the suggestion. One must always be on one’s guard when keeping an open mind, lest the agents of delusion pillage it in your carelessness.

As you can imagine, this is not a sort of technology that is available to just anyone. In most Earthic timelines at our stage of history, this technology would be in its earliest conceptual stages. The level of control which I have found here, however, indicates a scientific knowledge at least a century before its time.

This method for mind control is really quite scientific and its key lies in the colonies of microbial lifeforms which populate your digestive tract. At a very basic level, these bacteria are able to influence your mood and your emotions by stimulating the creation of chemicals in your brain.5 This connection has been well-established through experimentation and observation, but has not shown great promise in application thus far.

Or at least, that is what they would like you to think.

In the exoteric world gut flora are treated almost solely as a health concern, and for good reason! As a laymen practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, I am already familiar with the direct connection between gut flora and mental states.

In the esoteric world of occult science, however, the engineered application of gut flora has been a top priority for some time now. You may be surprised at how much of this timeline’s progress in genetic science is secretly because of this fact.

Although a fair amount of research was focused on parapsychical studies with the usual emphasis on telepathy and remote viewing, the bulk of the various illuminated corporate efforts went into the weaponization of gut flora.

Although it is a fact which barely exists even in the projective fiction of the collective subconscious, various cocktails of engineered gut flora have been in wide use among members of the intelligence and espionage community for at least two decades. These cocktails are used in same ways drugs and poisons have been used by spies and saboteurs for millennia: to kill, to ply for information, to induce publicly taboo behavior, and so on.

There have been many positive developments from this research as well. One can achieve extraordinary psychedelic religious experiences, literally cure mental pathologies such as depression and bi-polar disorder, as well as cure all forms of ulceration and some digestive and lymphatic cancers.

As you can imagine, these treatments are among those only available to the super-rich, but thankfully were among those technologies that the Paddington Conspiracy revealed. Thanks to these revelations, not only was I spared the guillotine for crimes I did not truly commit, but you peasants may also get to benefit from them as well in coming years.

What does bacterial gut flora have to do with Mind Control?

I have already mentioned that the gut flora in your body directly influences your moods and thus your thoughts, to a degree at least. Exploiting this fact is one of the primary uses of weaponized gut flora.

Numerous floral cocktails exist which will make someone open to suggestion, but each one requires careful cultivation of the subject by a trained agent. This need for direct human contact with a highly-trained specialist greatly limits the scope of psychological operations to single high-value targets.

This has not stopped researchers, however. A great deal of success was found by including engineered bacteria into everyday food items such as yogurt and relying on television, radio and newspaper advertising to activate the gut flora which in turn amplified the emotional responses to the advertising.

By using psychological hacks involving geometric designs, sounds and strobing lights, engineered gut flora can be activated through their connection to your nervous system. As I mentioned, the goal is most often to create a looping programmed emotional response of the “buy more” sort.

This technique is extremely effective for simple emotions such as fear and desire. But it is far more difficult to create specific, programmed inner monologues in this manner as they become virtually impossible to maintain across wide populations. This is largely due simply to the vagaries of the random occurrences and schedule interruptions we all experience from day to day.

There was much more success for mind control initiatives amongst the populace in the days when broadcast radio and television were dominant due to their inherent schedule-shaping nature. It was far easier to engineer inner monologues when the great majority of the population tuned in each night for the six o’clock news.

As mass communications became less centralized in recent decades, it has become much more difficult to successfully prosecute mass mind control campaigns.6 Since the advent of mobile communications, however that trend has begun to reverse.

In this new Mobile era, however, it is not the rapidly blinking patterns of light on your phone or tablet’s screen, nor is the video patterms you watch or words you read which create this engineered, artificial inner monologue within your conscious mind.

It is your bluetooth connection.

You Are a Radio-Controlled Person

In truth it isn’t just your device’s bluetooth connection. As I mentioned before it can be your wifi connection, or any other of the various other radio capabilities your mobile device may possess. Thanks to these new strains of gut bacteria which have shown up over the past year, they are all vectors for controlling your mind.

Technically, all manner of radio communications can be used with these new bacterial strains. However, as of this moment in time at least, computerized mobile radio such as your bluetooth connection are the primary focus of the mind control you suffer from.

This new method relies on the recent discovery of the peculiar way in which bacteria communicate with each other: through radio waves.

A bacterium generates a radio wave7 for much the same reason a bat will generate a sound wave: for both communication and navigation. The new strains of gut flora which have already become dominant (in the Republic of Cascadia, at least) are specially engineered to take advantage of this fact.

This allows mind control operations to launch campaigns with an incredibly high coverage of the overall population and a precision unheard-of previously. Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of mobile wireless devices around the world, it becomes possible to create, shape and reinforce entire idealogical movements artificially. Generational zeitgeists can now be grown in a marketing lab and used to shift history in whatever direction those who pull the strings want.

This mind control project seems to have only just begun since I was reunited with my body in this version of Earth which I find myself. That means there is still time to save humanity from its culturally-engineered future.

How Can I Reclaim My Mind?

Although vast amounts of research has been conducted within the occult science community to improve the genetic strains of engineered gut flora, not every person is susceptible to infection.

Due to genetic mutations relating to physiological symbiosis with gut flora, the bodies of some people reject the bacteria. In fact, the rejection of artificially-engineered gut bacteria with the older Illuminati strains is the primary cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Therefore, unless you are a sufferer of IBS or do not understand English (or you are a thousand-year old veteran of parapsychical manipulation), the train of thought you call your inner monologue has almost certainly been completely manufactured.8 Your thoughts are quite literally not your own.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. The engineered bacteria of the occult scientists living right now within you is designed to be self-perpetuating and rapidly-evolving. Really top notch stuff, but then Parciloquy was outstanding at genetic manipulation even among the other wizards of the Aurantian Concordat.

This is bad news for you, of course. It means that even if you were to discard your mobile phone and live in what little is left of the hinterlands, your body can still be reached with radio waves anywhere on the planet and bacteria inside your body will continue to propagate. It really has gotten to the point where there is no escape.

Theoretically, if you were to go on a strict schedule of antibiotics and only eat food which you have grown yourself living at the Antarctic tip of Patagonia, you could probably escape this form of mind control. While technically not impossible, there are many good reasons most people do not prefer to live as substance farmers in harsh wastelands.

And eating even the smallest morsel of processed, store-bought food means an almost-certain re-infection of this bacteria genetically engineered by the Illuminati to control your mind.

It is possible to overcome this mind control, however. For some it should be easy, even. However, it requires a great deal of discipline and comes with its own risks.

I am speaking, of course, of my Holopsychical Breathwork system.9 I have based this healing practice on a blend of meditative traditions from across the different timelines of Earth which includes Yoga, Lectio Divina, Tantra, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychedelic Therapy.

Although in our relatively non-magical version of Earth my techniques (as well as those of other great thaumaturges) cannot literally heal wounds or regrow limbs, Holopsychical Breathwork will still activate your ability to access the deeper scientific reality of our living universe in order to guard against psychic attacks and manipulation.

I am not able to lead others in this practice for the nonce due to binding arbitration. Meditation, when done right, is quite a strenuous affair. Holopsychical Breathwork is not a practice which should be undertaken by those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, asthma or similar infirmities.

But please, rest assured that once I have received the green light from Dr. Liu then I will begin offering workshops in haste. The threat to the authenticity of our human experience is at stake. Truth itself will become meaningless if we do not act.

  1. When I regaled my children with the tale of how I escaped from the demonic empire of Patala by mind controlling the demon queen Astarte in order to seduce her, my daughter grew quite serious and withdrawn. When I asked her what was wrong, she said something under breath about consent and then stated with a sad conviction that “I know this is just your trauma talking.” To which I reminded her that I have meditated with bodhisattvas in the banyan gardens of Shamballah, so I in no way need the sort of pop psychology she and Dr. Liu try to feed me on a daily basis.
  2. That means you, Richard in Cleveland. Look at your clock: is it not 8:15 PM?
  3. The Atlantean predisposition to altering and controlling states of consciousness is a fascinating example of the birth of a true collective conscious, if you ask me. But as a victim of its rough embrace on more than one occasion, I understand the historical distaste for that era in later generations.
  4. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats
  5. Numerous experiments have documented the connection between the brain and the millions of microscopic creatures living in your intestinal tract.
  6. I will note that I feel reading is a far superior vector for intsantiating an artificial inner monologue, owing primarily to its subvocalization component during transmission. This is why I suspect the rise of the Internet was not as devastating to mind control efforts as some Illuminati-affiliated consultants like the hacks at McKinsey tried to paint it. I would submit the rise of social media validates my opinion.
  7. This is not a foregone conclusion according to today’s scientific knowledge, but I can vouch that future studies will only continue to add evidence.
  8. There are many methods of suggestion that utilize nothing more than regular psychology. While you may have an authentic inner monologue as an IBS sufferer, it may still be not altogether different than your zombie cohorts due to traditional brainwashing techniques.
  9. Holopsychical Breathwork Patent Pending, 2019 AD