Worlds of the Wizard’s Tower

A Compendium of Insights and Musings By Lancelot Squib

Image of a hot-air balloon decorated with skulls and adrift across the peach-colored sky of a fantasy world.
Our world isn’t the only one that exists. Fantasy worlds and alternate realities brimming with adventure and mystery are yours to explore through the Wizard’s Tower.

I. Introduction

What lies beyond reality? Such a simple thing to ask, yet such a profound and unknowable mystery.

Like most people, I spent a great deal of my life believing one answer or another to that question. Heaven, Hell, the nihilistic Void. There are as many answers to believe in as there have been people to ponder the question.

Then several years ago I was made aware of the greater nature of our universe. I discovered that it was but one of at least dozens, all existing independently of each other.

There are a multitude of different universes, each with branching timelines and multiple, nested dimensions. Some universes are virtually identical to our own. Others are wildly different, more like fantasy worlds out of pulp novels than what we call the real world.

And beyond the veil of the reality of each of these universes lies a quasi-dimension full of the infinite possibilities that only magic can provide.

The Wizard’s Tower itself is a riddle at the heart of this strange dimension of magical energy, bridging 108 universes in a symphony of mystery, intrigue, and danger.

In this strange, ancient monolith impossibly different beings come together to solve mysteries and recover artifacts from a bizarre menagerie of alternate realities and fantasy worlds.

The following is a collection of my observations, gleanings, and notational ephemera on the Wizard’s Tower itself and those of its 108 worlds I have become most familiar with. It is my hope that they provide you with entertainment and elucidation.

II. Contents

1. The Wizard’s Tower Handbook

2. The Many Worlds Guide

Earthic Worlds

Atlassic Worlds



Making friends with the Librarian is an extremely difficult task, but it is well worth the effort. For those sources who are of Atlantic or Atlassic origin, it can be assumed they reside in the Tower Library. Some Earthic sources are available in this world, however.

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Earthic Authors

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