Fantasy Worlds of the Wizard’s Tower

A Compendium of Insights and Musings By L.L. Squib

Image of a hot-air balloon decorated with skulls and adrift across the peach-colored sky of a fantasy world.
Our world isn’t the only one that exists. Fantasy worlds and alternate realities brimming with adventure and mystery are yours to explore through the Wizard’s Tower.


What lies beyond reality? Such a simple thing to ask, yet such a profound and unknowable mystery.

Like most people, I spent a great deal of my life believing one answer or another to that question. Heaven, Hell, the nihilistic Void. There are as many answers to believe in as there have been people to ponder the question.

Then several years ago I was made aware of the greater nature of our universe. I discovered that it was but one of at least dozens, all existing independently of each other.

There are a multitude of different universes, each with branching timelines and multiple, nested dimensions. Some universes are virtually identical to our own. Others are wildly different, more like fantasy worlds out of pulp novels than what we call the real world.

And beyond the veil of the reality of each of these universes lays the infinite possibilities that only magic can provide.

The Wizard’s Tower itself is a riddle that lies at the heart of this strange dimension of magical energy, bridging 108 universes in a symphony of mystery, intrigue, and danger.

In this strange, ancient monolith with no outside impossibly different beings come together to solve mysteries and recover artifacts from across a panoply of alternate realities and fantasy worlds of all types.

The following is a collection of my observations, gleanings, and notational ephemera on the Wizard’s Tower itself and those of its 108 worlds I have become most familiar with. It is my hope that they provide you with entertainment and elucidation.


1. Basic Concepts

Despite the variety of random occurrences that cause otherwise identical universes to greatly diverge in similarity, and despite the chaos introduced by the existence of magic, there is a great deal of uniformity throughout the multiverse.

Natural physical features such as the four fundamental forces are essentially the same in every universe. Each physical universe is made up of multiple dimensions, and the existence of time remains a constant, as does the temporal arc of the speed of light.

Magical energy often radically alters the nature of these physical constants, but typically, its effects are limited to specific locations within three-dimensional space, or meta-dimensional realities. The undergirding physical reality of each universe still remains much the same.

2. The Wizard’s Tower

Even the scholarly wizards of the Aurantian Concordat are ultimately unsure of who or what it was that created the Tower. One thing is clear, however: it is unbelievably ancient.

It seems to have been used and occupied by a variety of different intelligent beings over millenia. Some conjecture it is older than the universes to which it connects.

3. Les Plusieurs Mondes

Dubbed les Plusieurs Mondes by Laddys Fermille, the “Many Worlds” refers to a group of 108 alternate universes all connected by the Tower. They can be broadly grouped into three categories: Earth, the Inevitable Realm of Atlass, and Atlantis.

3.1 Earth (A-Τ)

The Many Worlds of Earth all display remarkably similar, though often divergent timelines. All share the same astronomical and geological features and are all considered low-magic.

Unlike the other Many Worlds, the Earths have a strong degree of homogeneity in many aspects, including individual humans and human societies. It is common for the several different versions of the same individual to be found in their respective Earths.

Although dissimilar in every other way, Earth, like Atlass, seems to frequently be on the verge of an apocalypse.

  • A Alpha Prime: The “Real” Earth
    • Alone among all the 108 Doors, Alpha Prime is completely inoperative cannot be activated. It is presumed the World behind this Door is the one you are sitting in right now.
  • Σ Sigma Prime: The Aryan Golden Age
    • The strangest version of Earth where Adolph Hitler led a Judaic and Catholic coalition of Central European states as a yogic guru against the warmongering, neo-feudal British Empire and the mysterious Thule Society.
  • ΣΙ Sigma Iota: The Zombie Apocalypse
    • An Earth very much like our own, with one important difference: human civilization succumbed to massive zombie apocalypse in 2012. And the only thing that can save it are vampires.
  • Τ Tau Prime: Trans-human Trans-gender Trans-capitalist Paradise
    • Global warming? Solved. Terrorism? A thing of the past. Disease? What’s that? In the 23rd century, life is a post-scarcity playground for a humanity living in a digitally-augmented world.:

3.1a Notable Heroes of Earth

Some seek the Tower to heal the Earth, some seek the Tower to learn how to exploit it, and still others only stumble into it by accident.

  • Dick Speer – The Man of Ebony: from slave to cosmonaut, he serves as a Nazi artifact hunter in Sigma Prime, forever at odds with his rational, humanistic ideals and the ugly truths revealed by his paranormal investigations.
  • Adolph Hitler – Unlike most Hitlers, the one from Sigma Prime gained enlightenment in the mystical city of Shambalah, returning to Europe to lead a coalition against the evil British Empire. Now he is willing to sacrifice everything to defeat the Elder Gods; even if that means selling out the entire human race.
  • Amber Vasquez – Before the plague, she enjoyed reading books about zombie wastelands and vampire romances. Now that a vampire is the only thing keeping her alive from the zombie hordes in Tau Prime, she prefers historical biographies.
  • Vincent – A reclusive 800 year-old vampire bent on finding the source of the zombie plague of Tau Prime while struggling with the moral dilemma posed by his growing feelings for his precocious companion.
  • Ziggy Stardust – A meta-human from the 23rd century who discovers the Epsilon Prime Key on Mars and accidentally unleashes a plague with the power to destroy every living thing in the solar system. Life for this androgynous android is about to get complicated and that means expensive.

3.2 Atlantis (ΤA-Y)

The Worlds of Atlantis are almost identical to the Worlds of Earth in terms of the position of the planet and surrounding cosmos. However, unlike Earth it is steeped in thaumatadiastatic radiation and so virtually all the Worlds of Atlantis would be considered high-magic.

These Worlds are referred to as Atlantis due to the one other major difference between them and the Worlds of Earth. In these Worlds the island state of Atlantis does not catastrophically sink into the Black Sea.

Combined with the presence of strong magical energy, the people and cultures that evolve are wildly different than those of Earth, yet still familiar in many ways.

3.3 The Inevitable Realm of Atlass (YA-Ω)

The Inevitable Realm of Atlass comprises a wildly varying selection of 36 Worlds very unlike each other in many ways.

Unlike Earth and Atlantis, Atlass appears to comprise entirely different planets with unrecognizable astronomies even between each other. In fact, it is only known because each shares the same continuously-apocalyptic history.

  • Ψ Psi Prime: The 23rd Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass
    • A barbaric world where death flourishes under a broken moon.
  • Ω Omega Prime: The 69th Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass
    • The final aeon of Inevitable Realm of Atlass, a decadent age of malaise where literally nothing is surprising anymore.

3.3a The Aurantian Concordat

Few would say “Wizard” is just code for “emotionally-stunted man-child.” Mainly because a swift encystment would surely follow if they were to make such an assertion.

Imagine, if you will, spending literally thousands of years with nothing but books and homunculi for company. It is not difficult to extrapolate: such an existence does not lend itself to developing social graces.

Sadly, that does not stop the members of the Aurantian Concordat from trying, and usually failing, to carry on like normal people.

  • Parciloquy the Peculiar
  • Laddys Fermille
  • Malicule the Meticulous
  • Rodolfo the Clock Maker
  • Jonquil Narcisso
  • Baldo the Vargouille Slayer
  • Chakra Monkei

3.3b Notable Heroes of Atlass

Whether lured by legends of magical riches or by the hand of fate itself, a select few have found their way into the Tower. These adventurers have fit every personality and description, but they all share a love of discovery.

  • Atrocia Bol – Elven mage of the 23rd Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass tricked into bringing the Psi Prime Key to Laddys Fermille.
  • Razael – Tiefling rogue, spy, and general rapscallion-for-hire in the Last Great City of the 23rd Aeon.
  • Diane the Wayfarer – Bandit, sadist, serial killer, psychopath… the list of epithets directed toward this 69th-Aeon ranger are as boundless as her appetite for depravity.