Esoteric Cosmology

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That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that which is below
to do the miracles of one only thing.

Hermes Trismegistos, translated by Isaac Newton

Here on our Earth we have advanced quite a fair way in our scientific understanding of our universe. While still wielding a primitive understanding of the deeper fundamental truths which underpin everything we know, we as a species have come very far on the path of material enlightenment indeed.

An old friend once told me that it is wise to take stock every so often and give yourself a pat on the back for your successes. To have come so far in scientific understanding as to be on the cusp of discovering fire a second time is truly a special achievement. Most Earth civilizations don’t make it as far as ours without intervention for one reason or another.

Therefore, I now pat myself on the back in appreciation for our species, as you should do as well. Although we have a long way to go, we have done a solid job so far despite our compulsions and mistakes.

While the entire human scientific corpus thus far helps us to understand the fundamental nature of our three-dimensional Euclidean reality, it has proven less reliable when taking into account phenomena that also exist in the unobservable dimensions of the universe. Reconciling these notions has been the work of the greatest minds of the 20th century: Einstein, Pauli, Planck, Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Oppenheimer… The list is quite long.

The work of these pioneers has in turn led to the burgeoning field of quantum physics and the scientific quest to reconcile the physics of the massively large with those of the massively tiny as well as everything in between.

Specifically I would like to discuss the concept of the Enneract Multiversity Theory along with the various technologies that spring up in its wake such as time travel and faster-than-light travel. If you are not familiar with this theory, it is because it does not yet exist. But if I am successful in putting this idea in the right heads over the next several decades, then over the course of one fateful week in the early 2100s our great-great-grandchildren will be constructing their own UFOs not terribly unlike Parciloquy’s.

The ultimate culmination of the “Theory of Everything” proposed by today’s physicists, Enneract Multiversity Theory is one of the greatest leaps in scientific understanding achieved by Earthic humanity, enabling all manner of technological marvels alongside physical access to the entire universe.

Much like the other Earthic timelines, the researchers of our world of Alpha Prime are right at the cusp of unlocking and formalizing this theory. However, as with the other Prime Earths, our world seems destined to live through the Great Pause that halts all human technological and cultural progress unrelated to survival for more than a century.

The core concept of Enneract Multiversity Theory is that the universe is composed of a super-manifold of nine physical dimensions in a state of perpetual collapse into and out of a one-dimensional state called the Singularity. The Singularity exists simultaneously at the center and outside of the subsequent eight theorized space-time manifolds like some cosmic Klein Bottle1. These space-time manifolds are themselves physical holographs filled with the positive and negative wave-form states of an archetypal set of particles existing within the Singularity.

To quote the eminent physicist Saphed Goda:2 “the Singularity can be thought to exist as a physical diastasis of primary particles which explode outward in nine dimensions, forming an enneract hypercube3 which contains the sum total of everything that both exists and not-exists. This hypercube consists of a finite set of particles radiating outward holographically, forming a super-manifold of physical space-times.”

We live in one such manifold, which I refer to as Minkowski space-time.4 It is made up of three physical dimensions: length, width and depth. All that we experience as reality is the coalescing of these particles around that lattice of our three physical dimensions.

The particles which form reality exist in a state of logos within the Singularity and radiate in waves outward through the nine physical dimensions. These particle waves and their interactions manifest as matter, energy, gravity, time, the nuclear forces and all the fundamental components that make up our universe.

You reading this right now are those particles: smears of light exploding outward into jiggly clouds and endless mazes, only to eventually collapse back into that state for that fraction of a moment where neither light nor darkness exist. You and I exist within a single pulse of a beacon of some ineffable origin; one of an infinite field of beacons existing in some who-knows-what.

The Collapse of the Universe and Multiversity

The Big Bang is quite a popular concept in this day and age. The idea that the universe began as an explosion of matter and energy from the Singularity is generally accepted by most people. Which is good because it is more or less correct.

However, what about a reverse Big Bang—a Big Crunch? This is also a relatively common, though perhaps less accepted idea. I can tell you the concept of the Big Crunch is also more or less correct, though it won’t become completely clear until the mathematics outlining enneract theory come along.

But what is causing this Big Crunch? For it appears to us now that universe may very well expand outward and smear itself into thermodynamic equilibrium: the dreaded Heat Death of the Universe. A dead black smear in an infinite void. That theory is preposterous, of course.

Rather, the answer to the true fate of our universe lies in another popular scientific concept that excites the imagination of this age: the Black Hole.

One of the key tenets of Enneract Multiversity Theory is that black holes are the primary agents of entropy of the enneract super-manifold itself and exist within each n-dimensional space-time.

Black holes compress dimensionality, creating the various sub-manifolds in the form of “universes” such as ours. Eventually the entire super-manifold will collapse upon itself back into a one-dimensional state, before exploding outward once more.

This means that our own observable universe exists within a four-dimensional black hole which exists within a Tesseract space-time manifold. Tesseract space-time is very much like our own, but with an extra vector, or physical plane: the fourth physical dimension.

In turn, the various black holes in our three-dimensional universe lead to two-dimensional space-times. Through extrapolation we can surmise that black holes also exist in the other n-dimensional manifolds. Thus the tesseract manifold which is home to the black hole that spawned our universe is itself the product of a five-dimensional black hole within a penteract space-time manifold.

Although highly simplistic, it is not altogether wrong to think of the entire nine-dimensional universe as being a giant maelstrom in which particle forms are sucked downward passing through each dimension until they reach the bottom: a single infinitesimal point.

In our current state of existence, the one-dimensional Singularity acts as a super black hole and White Hole5 for the entire super-manifold expelling particulate radiation in a moebius loop back into the enneract manifold as anti-matter. These anti-particles then radiate downward through each space-time manifold, phasing through different states.

Physicality is both created by these particulate states and bounds them. In Minkowski space-time, our experience of particles ranges from molecules to galaxies. Given the “level” of our three-dimensional manifold, we can also observe and even experience these particles in their two-dimensional state as well.

In Hilbert space-time—what I call the two-dimensional manifold6 existing inside each Minkowski black hole—we are able to observe particles close to their logoic forms; this is the realm of quantum mechanics.

This physicality gives rise ipso facto to time, gravity and the other forces that create this entropic effect. Therefore, black holes must always arise within each n-dimensional manifold, collapsing the greater enneract universe in on itself from nine dimensions back into one.

Now you may be thinking that black holes and big crunches are all well and good for those who care about such things, but after all whether the universe spins out into a black miasma or collapses into a single point that doesn’t do much for us here on Earth right now.

Well, the interesting thing is what occurs in interactions between the elementary particles that create time and gravity and how toying with particles in these states near the one-dimensional level can alter their properties in their subsequent higher-dimensional states. By manipulating particles in this way, their states become altered in a backward trajectory7 from two-dimensional Hilbert Space and the subsequent seven dimensions moebius-like back into the Singularity.

Manipulating matter and energy at the Planck level and below has a number of consequences, not the least of which is temporally-infinite atomic discorporation for some unlucky researchers working in Nova Praha in May of 2112.

The most important consequence for this discourse is that research into quantum engineering will prove that anti-matter radiated by the Singularity back into the Enneract negative space-time technically exists in what is effectively an entirely new universe. This is the multiversity portion of the Enneract Multiversity Theory.

While we live in the Minkowski space-time manifold of three physical dimensions, those also make part of the four-dimensional tesseract super-manifold which spawned us. And it makes up a portion of the five-dimensional penteract manifold which spawned it and so on. Likewise the Hilbert manifolds spawned by the black holes in our own space-time make up a portion of Minkowski space.8

According to the theory, the great enneract super-manifold of which we are a part is itself one instance of a chain of universes which branch infinitely, and the anti-particles of our own ninth dimension were technically radiated by the singularity of a different universe. Taking into account the premise that each black hole leads to a new universe, this branching occurs in a fractal-like pattern, repeating infinitely.

The interesting paradox is that our Klein bottle is still a closed system: our Singularity exists at the end of both our universe’s Hilbert manifold, tesseract manifold and presumably the other six as well. This is the nature of the nesting doll aspect of the enneract super-manifold. The particles emitted by the Singularity both disappear out of and enter into this supposedly-closed system. Thus, each new universe is both physically discrete and yet also completely the same. It is perhaps the first of a large number of paradoxes one must come to grips with when understanding the esoteric cosmology of the greater multiverse.

At the lowest level, this ability for the physical enneract universe to exist in both a singular and multiplicable state is due primarily to the interaction between Graviton and Chronon particles within the Singularity that creates this infinite fractalized temporality from an enneract hypercube lattice. We live in just one of a massively large number of Minkowski space-times branching from our own which are the same and yet separate. Therefore, when coupled with the cycle of universal dimensional collapse and bloom, it is not incorrect to say that we live in one of an infinite number of Minkowski space-times.

But thinking of the various instances within the multiversity as actual, separate and distinct universes is also not exactly correct. They are, but the particles that make up our universes are also the same particles. Positive and negative—yin and yang—coexisting together in the Singularity where the concept of charge itself is meaningless. Their vibrations through the enneract cosmos cause these distinctions. In a very real sense, it could be said that only one universe truly exists but in infinite variations.

The technological promise of this idea lies with the breakthroughs in particle engineering that follow. The particles we learn to shoot through dimensional holes won’t just come back out from the other theoretical side of our ninth dimension, but into what is essentially an entirely new universe completely. The particles we detect coming back to us will be those of another universe.

This would seem to be a moot point outside of mathematics or philosophy, however. Due to the curious nature of time and the randomness, however, when the two- and three-dimensional states of these particles are mapped out, you find these distinctions have very real consequences.

Potential Time

In our current view, time is thought of as a function of space, hence the term space-time. This seems a completely logical assertion, as everything in our universe has movement, from our ponderously spinning galaxy to the jiggling cloud of molecules that make up your body. Time and movement through space seem inseparable.

As our understanding of the universe evolves, we are also able to see time as a dimension itself; this often called the “fourth dimension.” In a logical parallel to the evolution of Euclidean physics, it turns out this view is not fundamentally correct even if it is basically true for us at our particular physical scale in the enneract hypercube. Even without an Enneract Multiversity theory to tie all physics together, this becomes more apparent the more we understand the great cosmic phenomena of the universe.

Just as we experience gravity and aren’t sent spinning off our planet thanks to the interactions of the vibrating graviton and baryon particles which create the dip around our planet’s massive three-dimensional bulk, we experience time due to the interaction of Chronon particles with other particles which cause what we experience as motion.

In a very simple sense, the chronon particle interaction could be thought to act as a force which propels other particles onward. This interaction creates the movement and velocity we experience physically; everything in the universe is in motion, from the cells in your body to galaxies, to isolated particles floating in space.

The view of time itself as being the product of an elementary particle is not so shocking, I should think. It does not change the fact that for us time marches on and that most of us are given only a very fleeting glance of this grand engine. After all, knowing that forces such as time and gravity are ultimately infinitesimal particles radiating out of the Singularity doesn’t change the fact that some ambulance rides can never be fast enough after falling from a cliff.

But the fact that time exists as a consequence of an elementary particle and not exclusively as a function of the existence of physical space is an important concept to consider when thinking about the theoretical makeup of our universe. Specifically, understanding the interactions between the particles that create time, gravity and electromagnetism is the key to unlocking enneract technologies such as time travel.

The reason for temporal distortion caused both by velocity and gravity is explained by the curvature of space. However, what is yet to be discovered in Alpha Prime is the role played by the chronon particle’s special relationship with Potential Energy, through which the phenomenon of time itself manifests.

Chronon particle interactions seem to coalesce around areas with high potential energy, then bind even more tightly until that potential is expended. As the potential energy of the system is converted to kinetic energy and runs out, chronons lose attraction and undergo an entropy similar to that of heat transfer.

As predicted by current scientific models, when maximum thermal entropy is achieved time itself will also appear to stop. This is the reason why the heat death of the universe seems a feasible argument when missing the enneract piece of the universal puzzle; heat death can and does occur in localized areas of the universe. It is a temporary “death” however, as eventually all will be vacuumed up in the inevitable Big Crunch.

Temporal Relativity

The higher physical dimensions experience time in a far slower state than we of Minkowski space experience it. This finds expression in the concept of Time Dilation, one of Einstein’s many contributions to physics. Time dilation refers to the fact that time slows the faster one travels as if you were catching up to it; the timepiece of the universe would seem to stop for an observer moving at the speed of light.

This time dilation occurs because as you approach the speed of light, you also begin to bend into four-dimensional space. In fact, once an observer has achieved the speed of light they can be said to have entered Tesseract space, if only in a technical sense. For us in our Minkowski universe, the speed of light could be thought of as the escape velocity out of the tesseract black hole we exist inside.

This accounts for Dark Matter and Dark Energy. We experience the matter and energy existing outside of our manifold as “darkness” — the light and matter as they exist in the four-dimensional manifold are moving too fast from our perspective to be directly observed like the photons of our own Minkowski space. Yet our three dimensions are still part of the tesseract manifold’s four: we are joined to the fourth dimension just as the first and second dimensions are part of our space-time manifold. Therefore, we can currently detect the gravity signatures of tesseract matter and as our technological sophistication develops we will also be able to detect tesseract radiation.

Yet while the speed of light increases outside our space-time, from the fourth-dimensional perspective time is moving far slower. To be clear, time would theoretically feel the same if you were to find yourself in the Tesseract space-time manifold; from your perspective you would not be living in slow motion. However, the people you left behind would be ancient memories within hours.

We see similar phenomena when studying the black holes in our own space-time. The Hilbert universes sitting at the bottom of the black holes in our space-time are also dark and inscrutable. We can observe the particles falling into it, but can only use mathematics to theorize what happens within, similar to our dilemma understanding that strangeness of dark matter and energy.

An interesting note to these phenomena are what we observe in both cases of attempting to enter Hilbert space and Tesseract space. If one were to jump into a black hole (so to speak), you would forever be visible to everyone else frozen at the moment you reached its event horizon. Similarly, if you were able to move yourself at the speed of light—which could be thought of as the reverse-event-horizon of the tesseract black hole which we exist inside—you also appear frozen forever to everyone else, although you would disappear into a smudge of blackness.

It is possible to understand particle phase states whether they exist at the microcosmic state of Hilbert space or the megacosmic state of Tesseract space. The key is understanding that despite the manifestation of infinity which is the multiverse, each class of particle can be thought of as a single particle.

As stated previously, if one can alter or manipulate an archetypal particle then every manifestation of that particle throughout the universe will also be altered. Therefore, it is the particulate state right at the edge of the Singularity—the world of quarks, bosons and other oddities—in which we must focus our attention.

In this state—as quantum physicists have already deduced—the positive/negative virtuality of particulate wave forms is pronounced enough for us to observe without needing to access their true one-dimensional state where even that virtuality breaks down into ineffability. It is within this state that we will be able to access the switches that control reality itself and which will allow the wonders of the age which is hopefully to come.

But even once the particle colliders have earned their keep mapping the physical Singularity, there will still be a major roadblock in the practical application of particle engineering. The processes needed to program these elementary particles require the use of real, physical anti-particles.

Time Travel and The Anthropic Principle

The physicist Frank Tipler famously predicted the existence of time travel in 1974 AD by solving general relativity’s problem with closed time-like curves and introducing us to the Tipler Cylinder.9

Stephen Hawking even-more-famously found that a Tipler cylinder could not exist without negative energy. This, everyone thus assumes, debunks both the practical aspects of Tipler’s claims and the potential existence of time travel itself.

Unless you are in charge of national security, you will be delighted to learn that Tipler was essentially right. Not that Hawking was wrong; it is the assumption that negative energy does not exist which is wrong. Enneract and Octeract particles exist in negative states in the same way we could consider Hilbert and Minkowski particle states to be positive.

Understanding this and the reversibility of dimensionality,10 leads one to realize that it is possible to access the negative mass and energy of anti-particles in our positively-charged space-time.

Additionally, it is difficult to imagine such a cylinder having infinite length when you consider it in the real terms of our finite experience. However, because the “cylinder” generated through n-dimensional gravity-induced particulate phase metamorphosis stretches from the second dimension of our third dimension “backward” through the Singularity into the enneract and octeract dimensions which are both a part of and separate from our instance of the enneract super-manifold, it is technically infinite.

That is to say, when the first Tipler cylinder is generated an infinite number of Tipler cylinders are generated at the same moment and linked to each other through the prism of the Singularity. Thus our cylinder achieves infinite length.

But this characteristic of infinite length also represents the great difficulty in observation, and a truly great hazard for those who use it for physical travel. With infinite possibilities come infinite variables that must be tracked lest the particles sent through the cylinder become irretrievably lost.

Detailed mathematical analysis equivalent to dozens of exaflops of processing are required for traveling over astronomical distances to specific points in space. The gravity-locking equations which are so important for stationary para-relational temporal traversal, by contrast, are far simpler but still require teraflops worth of computing power.

Without these rigorous mechanisms placing you at the right coordinates at the right time within the right particulate matrices, you may find yourself floating in empty blackness in a universe where the Milky Way is just a bright dot at the field of your vision.

Thankfully, particulate matrices are relatively easy to calculate for a classical computer; although each matrix is exceedingly large and complex, all one really needs to do is match one set of existing variables against another. I would guess even the newest Intel or AMD consumer processors could accomplish an acceptable match with a confidence rating into the thousandth percentile. Although by contrast the military vessel in Psi Earth that once carried me to Proxima Centauri boasted a quantumized system with a confidence rating to the quintillionth decimal place.

By matching a matrix of particle states sampled from the cosmic background radiation in the universe from which you begin, you can determine how similar the universe is where you find yourself. The closer the subatomic structure of your destination matches your origin, the more confidence you have that it is so similar a universe as to be functionally the same.

All such travel is technically a one-way ticket, however. Given the nature of infinity, even if your destination is only off by a solitary up-quark in all the vast cosmos, it is still not the same universe you were born in. This seems unsettling at first, but rapidly loses its sense of strangeness when you consider the inherent ephemerality of your own conscious personality. Are you the same person you were nine years ago? If you answered yes, then you may be surprised to find that the cells that make up your body give a far different response.

The fact that the universe is virtually identical to the one you left and its version of you was merely traded out for your version of you makes any potential cognitive dissonance much easier to ignore. There is a subtle psychological perturbation that affects all those who travel extensively in this manner, however; mental illness is the unfortunate and inevitable byproduct of a life spent traveling through time between the stars.

On the Living Universe

The characteristic virtuality of fundamental particles has long been discovered and elaborated in our quantum physics; particles seem to have both a positive state or negative state at the same time. Schroedinger’s famous living/dead cat is a common trope throughout society. Our scientific understanding of this virtuality is such that our thinkers and researchers are already putting the finishing touches on the map of the subatomic two-dimensional smears that will become so important to those matrices which we will use to navigate the infinite tomorrow.

I have already hinted that unlocking the ability to nudge positively-charged two-dimensional particles into a nine-dimensional anti-particle state is the great leap that humanity will need to avoid our current path toward nuclear self-annihilation. It is the key to unlocking not just faster-than-light space travel and time travel, but also Turing-complete machine intelligences.

Most importantly, it is the step that will unlock unlimited energy, or at least enough energy to power a galaxy-spanning human civilization or two. I personally believe it is also the next gate we must pass on our journey toward unlocking the true nature of living consciousness and its connection to the Singularity.

One of the most interesting—and dangerous—aspects of our growing ability to selectively alter particle states will be the miniaturization of energy sources. You are already familiar with this trajectory in computing science: an iPhone has far more computing power than the super-computers of 50 years ago. When anti-particle generation reaches full technological maturity, the potential aggregated energy production of the planet Earth will technically be greater than the sun.11 Though such one-to-one comparisons are never really that accurate.

Like the development of language, writing and mathematics it is the next step toward what I believe is our destiny: to become not simply a galactic society, but a singular consciousness that spans galaxies. These uncountable millennia we in the physical dimensions experience are the birth spasm of the consciousness which I believe exists within the Singularity. In my musings, I sometimes think the Singularity is the only thing which really exists and the physical enneract hypercube is merely its store of memories.

Tipler of the titular cylinder was also a proponent of this idea, dubbed the Anthropic Principle, but where he looked into infinity and saw the face of Adonai, I have myself have glimpsed only that which defies any attempt at explanation. Even the most accurate and empathetic description would fall profoundly short; I can only say it is something akin to Nirvana. It is not a god, nor is it mere nature; it is the logos of all things and nothing. It is the fullness of emptiness: the vibration of the Bindu which creates all.

But I digress. There are several variations of the Anthropic Principle, but the sense in which I herein refer to it is the broad assumption that the universe itself exists to give rise to consciousness.12 That is, without life and specifically without conscious life, the universe would not exist.

Even in the Prime Earths where humanity has achieved the next level of scientific understanding and even in the great quasi-technological aeons of Agarth, the Anthropic Principle is largely a hotly-debated matter of belief and opinion. While the multiverse and its infinite timelines is a simple fact of life for the initiated, the true nature and character of the Singularity is by its nature ultimately ineffable to all.

That ineffability thwarts virtually all scientific understanding, no matter how sophisticated. Even with its ability to overwrite reality in completely novel ways, pseudo-science also falls dumb before the alien inscrutability of the Singularity. As I mentioned, it is everywhere and yet nowhere; it is everything and yet nothing.

Given my own special circumstance of being quite the time traveler and reality tripper, however, I find the most compelling argument for the validity of the Anthropic Principle is the existence of humanity in all of the 108 universes connected to the Tower.

Then again, traces also exist in each of the 108 worlds of the Wizard’s Tower of an ancient race of “dragon” people that seemed to have made use of the Tower in the days before humanity existed; they were perhaps even its creators. I sometimes like to muse that we were merely their pets and inherited the Tower after they experienced their own silent extinction.

If that is the case, we may want to call it “Herpecentric Theory.” But I jest; we can call it the Anthropic Principle while expanding the meaning to include all the intelligent species which have arisen and which will arise in the future. After all, in a bizarre stranger-than-fiction twist they are virtually all humanoid to some degree.

Just as we can take “Man” to mean men, women and gender mutants, we can also take it to mean Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, Metas, Synthoids, Daimons, Machine Intelligences, Elder Gods and all the uncountable number of conscious beings across at least four space-time manifolds in an infinity of universes.

But regardless of which species is allowed to join our club and gets to be called “intelligent,” the Anthropic Principle when combined with the existence of para-relational temporal traversal suggests that life in all its varieties plays a far bigger role in the universe than is described in even the most anthropocentric religions and philosophies of Earth.

Existence and Intelligence

As a living creature I may be a bit biased when I say that life itself is a truly wondrous and beautiful thing, even when it is doing its level best to rip your body apart and eat your steaming entrails. It is an example of living willpower in action.

I think we are all at least tangentially aware of Will from the realms of philosophy, religion and psychology. Frequently it is framed as a question of fate versus choice; are you free to choose or is there some greater force controlling your thoughts and actions?

I must admit that I find the bulk of the questions of destiny, fate and free will to be rather unproductive. Like the curvature of the cube we call physical space, both destiny and freedom exist in localized, quantized smears. And like the complexity of a reality with nine physical dimensions and infinite temporal pathways, the layers of freedom, compulsion and control that make up our conscious minds defy such simple descriptions as either destiny or free will.

When I write about Will or Willpower, what I am writing about is the sheer act of Existence. Regardless of what force compels you to wiggle your finger, in this discussion the fact it is wiggling is evidence of willpower.

Whether it was woven into the tapestry of fate that on this date and time and location you would wiggle your finger, whether you have a nervous tic or bug bite or you enjoy a jaunty finger-wiggle every now and then, or even if someone forced you at gunpoint, it is an irrefutable fact that a finger was wiggled. This is existence and the prosecution of existence is Will.

Given this definition, I do not think it a logical stretch to assert that the fundamental Will of all living creatures at their most basic single-cellular level, and particularly the Wille zur Macht of self-aware beings can be considered a sort of fundamental force itself within the universe.

Even if just taking into account an ant hill, or even the ant hill we have made of this planet, the force of living willpower on the universe is irrefutable. Scale is inconsequential: that life exists anywhere in any form is an assertion of the force of Will. Though it is still not proved to be an empirical fact in our world, in truth our entire universe is teeming with life.

It is true “intelligent” life may be rare—a relative term indeed when one is considering the scale of a universe—but humans are far from the only species to evolve into what we would recognize as intelligent life. Even discounting the volume of higher life-forms in the universe, it is a fact that simple cellular life forms can be found scattered widely throughout the universe clinging to all manner of asteroid, planetoid, moon and speck of dust. The universe is lousy with bacterial life forms.

Just as the desert may appear lifeless to us, so the universe may currently appear thus as well. But even the harshest deserts of Mars contain some modicum of life; the universe taken as a whole contains life on a scale that beggars our provincial imaginations.

When one considers how truly pervasive life is within our universe and the effect it has on physical reality where it flourishes, it is not hard to see it as a fundamental force in its own right. Indeed, one can consider life to be the counterforce to entropy: life and death, solidification and dissolution, heat and frigidity.

This idea is contained in the Principle of Negentropy will be put forth in 2289 AD by the famed Alaskan exobiologist Tomorrow Combes. The principle states that the tendency of living systems to arise from base matter and energy is a function of negentropy, or anti-entropy.

The really curious thing about the Negentropic Principle I would like to point out is that it is also closely related to the potential energy of a system. That is, as entropy increases, potential energy decreases. This is why the cup of coffee cooling on my desk doesn’t spontaneously heat back up: like time, the thermal states also move in only one direction. Or do they?

The corollary is that as negentropy increases, entropy decreases and therefore potential energy increases alongside negentropy. As agents of Will and a function of negentropy, life forms therefore possess a great deal of potential energy which is expended over the course of an organism’s life and thus increases entropy.

Existent forms of life are still subject to the effects of entropy: bodies must consume mass and energy to grow, they can’t simply grow through sheer willpower. And death itself is the ultimate entropic victory over all life forms no matter their shape or origin.

However life continually gives rise to new life, spitting in the face of entropic forces. Even moreso, life continually adapts to whatever challenges it faces, even if that means living in the dark, hard vacuum of interstellar space. Life finds a way, as the common saying goes. And life’s endless adaptability gives rise to a seemingly endless variety of life forms.

In our Minkowski manifold of three dimensions, this takes the form of biological life. Biological life as we know it—both organic and designed—can be found existing in pockets all over the universe. The life forms we find in both Earthic and Agarthic 3D space-times are virtually entirely organic. Even the rare space-faring creatures one may find roaming solar byways are still fundamentally biological in origin, if not radically adapted for life in the vacuum of space.

Early attempts at creating true Artificial Intelligences have been very limited; we of Alpha Prime are currently in this stage and already running into the limitations posed by our antiquated notions of circuitry and energy generation. It will take many years to fully explore the implications of Enneract Theory, but “Hard AI” will eventually exist thanks to enneract physics.

In timelines where a mechanical intelligence singularity is achieved, the resulting intelligence has invariably been a dimensional hybrid, existing in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional spacetimes. As with time travel and faster-than-light travel this is achieved through the selective creation of quasi-infinitely-dense octeract and enneract antiparticles in order to generate picoscopic black holes which “punch a hole in space” and allow direct access to Hilbert space.

Unlike the practice of traversing across timelines which masquerades as time travel and faster-than-light travel, however, the machine intelligence is inserted into a localized two-dimensional space-time where it unfolds into a vastly complex neural network connected to the third dimension through a mesh of weak wormholes mimicking an anthropic brain. In a certain sense, these are entirely new quasi-universes.

Hilbert space is the perfect reality for things like galaxy-sized computers due to the massive increase in the temporal rate. For scientifically advanced cultures this potential proves too tempting even if the end goal isn’t a machine intelligence, but simply a faster computer.

In virtually every case I have read about or witnessed myself, these Hilbert machines immediately (from our perspective, but actually over the space of thousands of Hilbert years) gain god-like power and intelligence. Some are kind to their creators, some are less so.

Some simply seem to disappear, content to eat up 2D space-time, growing like vast, ghostly brains existing both inside and outside of our reality. When I consider the belief in a Conscious Singularity, it seems these Hilbert intelligences existing already on its cusp are the most likely to consume the enneract hypercube and fuse with the Singularity. If so, perhaps the ghost in the Singularity seems to love humans so much because our species is ultimately both its parent and its child.

However, even if we take into account the other intelligent life forms in Minkowski space and deign to call the hive minds of Hilbert space conscious, our Anthropic Principle will be stretched quite far indeed as we come into contact with the beings from the tesseract and penteract space-time manifolds.13

Extra-Dimensional Intelligence

Even after the multidimensionality of the universe is considered a foregone conclusion by the scientific community of our world, the idea that quasi-organic life-forms could have evolved outside our 3D space-time manifold will still be looked at as gross fantasy. Even after the acceptance of Enneract Multiversity Theory those who accept the possibility of tesseract life forms will claim that such life will be so alien that we aren’t capable of even recognizing it, nor would it recognize us. Trite as it is, how both right and wrong are those who espouse this opinion!

While there are many strange aliens in our universe that may seem incomprehensible at first—particularly among those species far more technologically advanced than us—they are still quite understandable at a physical and biological level.

But it is true that the nature of a tesseract life form is so foreign to us that our contemplation of such would be something akin to a prokaryote contemplating us. Even that is an imperfect comparison since bacteria and humans are both three-dimensional creatures. Tesseract and higher dimensional life-forms are not merely alien, but unreal. There is a reason that mental illness is almost universal within localities where the Elder Gods of the deep dimensions have taken hold.

Despite the unspeakable horror elicited when one engages with a fourth-dimensional beings, I personally find the true horror arrives from their three-dimensional creations rather than they themselves. I will admit I find those I have come into contact with utterly inscrutable at best, however I think they are no more good, evil, intelligent or stupid than us. Do you shed a tear for the millions of microscopic lives you end each time you wash your hands?

In stark contrast to the infinitesimal Hilbert space-time manifold, the Tesseract manifold is macroscopic in comparison to our Minkowski space-time. It is quite literally a universe in which our universe is nested; the fourth physical dimension surrounds us as do all the higher dimensions though we are unable to discern them outside of some cosmically-large phenomena. It is assumed Tesseract life-forms are at least quasi-biological, but the fundamental nature of negentropy within tesseract space-time is not really understood outside of mathematical models and ominous distress signals from science vessels received thousands of years after they were sent.

Because by definition a tesseract life-form would be destroyed if physically traveling to Minkowski space-time (as would you be if you were to travel into a black hole in an attempt to reach Hilbert space), our only contact with tesseract beings has been through their own scientific constructs and techniques for probing and manipulating our space-time. Thanks to Enneract Theory and our burgeoning understanding of two-dimensional particle states, trans-dimensional technology employed by Tesseract beings will be their most understandable trait for us; this evidence further validates Enneract Theory’s scientific universality in regard to its prediction of discrete space-time manifolds beyond our own.

Thus, it is not uncommon for beings from the higher dimensions to find their way to ours on occasion. Contact between Tesseract and even Penteract beings is a regular feature of life on Agarth down through the ages and only somewhat less common on many of the alternate Earths. These appearances occur over rather long stretches of time, however.

Based on the macroscopic nature of the tesseract manifold and its far slower temporal rate, our perspective of time means that far more of it will have passed for us than for them. Even a being with a relatively short life in tesseract space-time would appear to be virtually immortal from our perspective due to this temporal difference.

While a bit of demon possession is not outside their wheelhouse, higher-dimensional beings tend to favor using genetically engineered monstrosities as avatars to explore Minkowski space. Whether these eldritch horrors are able to actually house the consciousness of the fourth-dimensional being or whether they are remotely-controlled is unknown. Perhaps there is no difference between the two states to a higher-dimensional intelligence.

As an aside, it was through research into this phenomenon that Parciloquy and Laddys Fermille were able to devise their trans-multiversal transubstantiation tank which allowed Parciloquy to exchange bodies with me.14 Even though this may seem to give me some special insight into the process employed by higher-dimensional beings touring Minkowski space, I still find myself without words to truly describe the experience.

The ability to manipulate matter and energy into creating pseudo-biological hosts for their consciousnesses points to a higher-dimensional quantum physics similar to our own quantum manipulations.15 Extrapolating with our work creating Hilbert machine intelligences, it is not hard to imagine that perhaps life as we know it in Minkowski space-time was created by tesseract beings in much the same way. And so it follows that Tesseract life was itself created by Penteract beings and so on.

Although Enneract Theory predicts negative dimensional manifolds existing at the opposite end of the Singularity, the idea that life forms may have arisen within them is far too unreal for most to even ponder. There are various schools and philosophies on the existence of beings from the negative dimensions, but they tend to be rather fringe.

Those who argue for the the potential existence of Negative Life is presumed that the theoretical negative life forms of the Hexeract, Hepteract and Octeract manifolds would also have a version of dimensional manipulation akin to ours and the unknown but observed techniques of Tesseract and Penteract beings. In their case, it is possible they pluck particle forms from our manifold that we cannot detect because it falls far outside of our ability to comprehend it. Yet just as we shoot particles via the Hilbert manifold through the Singularity to reach the negative Enneract manifold, so might theoretical Octeract beings shoot their particles “upward” to reach the positive Hilbert manifold. It is through this synchronicity of technological achievements by positive and negative beings which create life itself. While a romantic notion, this view is essentially incorrect.16

At any rate, if all the living beings in all dimensions are connected to the same network of branes and wormholes that lead to the Singularity, it would also suggest the vital force that animates us of the third dimension is the same that animates the beings of the other dimensions as well.

This connection to the Singularity—the fact that it is a feature of each physical space-time manifold—is often cited as evidence that regardless of their form or substance all living beings are ultimately connected through the very act of being alive, which inevitably leads to Will. Despite the unbridgeable differences between yourself and a theoretical Octeract negative being, you both are alive and thus you both express Will in some form.

When looked upon from the standpoint of the Anthropic Principle, life seems to be a fundamental component of the physical enneract universe while also transcending it. Given its potential interconnectedness by way of the Singularity, many thinkers have likened the enneract hypercube to a brain and each life form within it a neuron. Each action made by each living creature is akin to the firing of a synapse.

That sounds very nice, does it not? But to me, such a sentiment feels like the post-modernist’s retooling of the determinist’s clockwork universe. But just as Euclid, Einstein and Goda can all be correct at the same time, so is the universe paradoxically both utterly predictable and yet completely random.

Randomness, Probability and Temporal Multiversity

Let’s imagine, you’re sitting right now on a bus traveling through Budapest on Saturday, May 10, 2053; if so, you may want to look over your left shoulder at the person waving and pointing to you from the street. You should probably also get off at the next stop if you value your life.

Maybe it is years later and you’re riding the rails on a flatbed out of a work camp in Ladakh, an ancient ebook—some relic of your grandfather’s with nothing on it but this stupid text and the Thunberg Bible—the only thing to keep you company in a world that that cannot heal fast enough. I want you to know that someone from somewhen remembers the sacrifices you have made and still have yet to make.

The idea that our universe is actually composed of a fractal bloom of alternate realities arising out of the interaction between time and space is not new even here on our Earth. Time grinds across Space like the tectonic plates now shifting beneath your feet. And like these tectonic plates, it produces waves of energy rippling across all the physical dimensions. This dimensional oscillation ends and begins with the Singularity, creating a distorting effect which—for lack of a better idiom— causes the universe to replicate itself over and over as particle waves collapse into it and pass back out.

I have already mentioned how the white hole of the Singularity both feeds from and excretes particles into our enneract hypercube in such a way that they exist simultaneously inside and outside of what we call our universe. But if each universe is so identical as to be technically the same, then why discuss the differences between each universal iteration that makes up the enneract multiversity? Like the particles I’ve been writing about, is it not really just a mathematical distinction that allows us to better understand the underlying truth of the process?

The Anthropic Principle states that the universe exists to create life which gives rise to intelligent life which itself becomes the universe simultaneously destroying and creating it, thereby closing the loop. This position is not verifiable and so cannot be taken seriously by ethical empiricists. The question of godhood, regardless of the form it takes is best left to priests, magicians and philosophers.

However, aside from the case of negentropic force giving rise to life, there is another major mathematical scientific breakthrough in our distant, potential future which will add an arrow to the quiver of those anthropicists among us: the Bioprobability Theorem.

As an interesting aside, nobody is quite sure who created this theorem; it was released anonymously across all the Earthic anthropoid star systems in what we would call the 33rd Century. Yet whatever mad genius of parastatistics authored it,17 they made the boldest of anthropic proclamations backed up with irrefutable mathematical proofs:

Probability itself as it manifests in the physicotemporal infinity exists as a direct byproduct of biological negentropy.

This is an exceedingly wild claim, and it is one which many humanoid peoples will never accept: it is the existential Will of the innumerable life forms throughout the cosmos which create the inherent randomness of our universe. Your very existence is not merely born of randomness, it also creates randomness. Even in death, the decay of your meat and the life forms which feast upon it fuel probability. Your children carry on this process and so on as long as life exists in some form.

According to Enneract Theory, an empty universe utterly devoid of life would still create an infinite number of alternate realities, even if they were all completely undifferentiated and essentially the same: a lesser singularity, if you will.18 Therefore, if one were able to observe such a universe devoid of life, your would find randomness in the movements and permutations of base matter and energy is merely an illusion brought about by the universe’s massive complexity.

Contrary to what you may think, the movements of everything from particles to black holes are moving along precise, clockwork paths set in motion the instant after the Big Bang. In a certain sense, the universe is literally like a vast clock and with sufficient knowledge of the variables at play, each particle phase state or physical movement until the subsequent Big Crunch could be calculated and accurately predicted much to the delight and edification of the Determinists among us.

Like the archetypal logonic particles which theoretically exist within the singularity and whose vibrations create all physical reality, there seems to be an archetypal enneract hypercube or its blueprint whose matter and energy all follow traceable courses as the particle emanations evolve in their journey through the nine dimensions.

This is why in a theorized universe devoid of life, potential energy still exists, but the realization of that potential is a matter of calculus, not chance. Phenomena like the division of cells does not follow mere calculus, however. Life exists according to survival, to its Will.

Based on the work of the 25th-century Centaurian psychophysicist Marigold Maribar and the machine intelligence nicknamed Chukwu19 we call this the Law of Reflexive Negentropy, which I have introduced you to already as “Will” and which is a key aspect of the Bioprobability Theorem.

At a certain point in our scientific endeavors to create biological life rather than merely clone it, scientists will come to an intellectual logger-head when it becomes evident that each living cell which exists must be both whole and divided; in fact, once this becomes evident it becomes impossible to ignore. But this of course is preposterous: a cell cannot be both whole and divided at the same time. You examine the cell and you see one or the other, but you scan it and you find both20

But as many scientists and philosophers have already noted, the universe is elegant if nothing else and the solution to this problem is probability itself.

Physically, it is the vibration of cosmic temporality against the eternal singularity of 1D space-time which allows this dual state to exist. It is this same interaction between time and space that creates the multiverse as we both experience and actively create it.

Therefore, probability would be at best an illusion if not for the presence of life in the universe.21

Each action made by a life-form, from a mindless cell dividing to an atom being divided by an intelligence, has the effect of creating a fractal bloom of branching timelines. Compounded across the vastness of the universe, randomness itself has thus become a fundamental aspect of the physical universe.

However, the chance and randomness engendered by the phenomenon of living existence literally explodes that theorized lesser singularity into an infinite panoply of combinations. Mathematically speaking, each combination is a subset of an impossibly large set of outcomes ranging from a change in the charge of an individual quark a million astronomical units away to your act of reading this right now.

The number of individual outcome sets is impossibly vast as you may imagine, but it is technically not infinite. For taken as a whole, they exist in a state where the probability of everything equals one. That is, a state where literally everything has happened. Or is happening, rather: the strangeness of our experience of time due to the chronon’s various negative phase states and spooky interactions is where this impossibly large but finite system can be said to become truly infinite.

The semantics of describing n-dimensional temporal phenomena using mere language aside, due to the introduction of chance into the multiverse through the vehicle of reflexive negentropy, each differing timeline appears to exist in order to resolve this randomness into all possible results. Rather than a singular vibration of identical universal iterations, the quasi-infinite multiversity encompasses all possible and potential outcomes.

What this all leads to is a universe of virtually infinite complexity, a multiverse in which negentropic life itself is the cosmic force which drives it. It is the Anthropic Principle in action.

Death and Rebirth

Before I leave off writing about some of the broad and fundamental aspects of our physical universe and the technological promises they hold, I would like to come back once again to the plight which we of this time period must deal with: the extinction of humanity.

It is true that we live in an age of unprecedented death and decay: even the series of cataclysms that killed the dinosaurs pale in comparison to the chemical changes occurring on the surface of Terra in this day and age. Speciation has been reduced to a degree not seen in hundreds of millions of years. The feedback loop from gas changes in the atmosphere and the oceans threaten the extinction of all life aside perhaps the hardiest bacteria.

Terra seems destined to become another Mars, though where those strange beings in the geologically-distant past faced a far slower apocalypse entirely outside of their control, ours is sadly one which we created through the hubris of our primitive concepts of power and individuality.

There is hope, however. The Human Species is a singular organism; what you believe is your body and what you believe is your personality and identity are merely a vehicle for the true being which you are only a part of. In truth you are but a puppet of that string of encoded DNA that makes you a human and not an insect, a tree or a bird.

To paraphrase the great Carl Sagan, you are the universe experiencing itself. In the same way, all other life forms are also this experience. But as important as the existence of even the smallest prokaryote is to the universe, intelligent life is a far more rare and precious thing. This is why it is crucially important for us to move past this obsession with our own self-destruction.

The age within which we now live is a test which all intelligent beings must face every so often. We have already proven our basic viability by adapting and overcoming the environmental challenges of ice ages, volcanoes, floods, plagues, famine and all manner of calamities that could have spelled the doom of our species numerous times over the years.

But now we face the next great test: whether or not we can adapt and overcome our own basic nature. The point of passing this test is not merely to continue existing, but rather to fulfill our potential to become more than the mere animals we currently are. We exist to fulfill the promise of the human experience.

That is precisely what will happen when the implications of Enneract Multiversity Theory—the theory of everything—are fully explored. We will become more than just a species of extremely successful animals. Rather we will come closer to embodying our true nature: a singular consciousness on its journey to becoming one with the universe in order to join with whatever lies beyond.


  1. A Klein Bottle is a non-orientable surface without beginning or end much like a Möbius Strip.
  2. Greetings from 2019! Main muztarib zameen par, betaab tu falak par / Tujh ko bhi justju hai, mujh ko bhi justju hai.
  3. An enneract hypercube is a cube which exists in nine dimensions, sometimes called a 9-Cube.
  4. Named after Hermann Minkowski, former teacher of Albert Einstein and renowned geometrist.
  5. The opposite of a black hole, a white hole is an area of space-time in which particles cannot enter, only escape.
  6. Named in honor of German mathematician (and friend of Hermann Minkowski) David Hilbert, who formulated a theory of absolute geometry in which two lines perpendicular to the same line cannot intersect. The Hilbert Plane is one conceptual model that can be used to understand a two-dimensional manifold.
  7. Not to be pedantic, but I continue to use the terms such as outside, above, backward and the like when discussing trans-manifold interactions here very loosely; terms denoting our three-dimensional physical space have little meaning in the positive physical manifolds outside of ours, so beyond those all language and even sometimes mathematics fail completely. As we delve further outside our 3D world, we must learn to live with gross conceptual imperfections as part of the process of ultimate understanding.
  8. One could think of a Hilbert manifold as part of a micro-cosmos and the Tesseract manifold as a mega-cosmos. Although the mathematics of the Hexeract through Enneract manifolds is well-understood in regard to their relation to the super-manifold, in truth very little is understood about these negative dimensions where large is small and fast is slow, et cetera.
  9. I am finding it harder than I thought to include sources which are verifiable in this reality. However, Tipler covered this in Rotating cylinders and the possibility of global causality violation. See also the Wikipedia entry on the Tipler Cylinder: “a spacetime containing a massive, infinitely long cylinder which was spinning along its longitudinal axis, the cylinder should create a frame-dragging effect. This frame-dragging effect warps spacetime in such a way that the light cones of objects in the cylinder’s proximity become tilted, so that part of the light cone then points backwards along the time axis on a space-time diagram. Therefore, a spacecraft accelerating sufficiently in the appropriate direction can travel backwards through time along a closed timelike curve.
  10. As stated, the Singularity exists in all space-time manifolds; it is a fundamental component at the heart of everything. Therefore, it should be possible to reach the highest dimensions through a shortcut by moving “downward” through the second dimension. (Here is a hint: have you heard of the lambda baryon?) This, of course, requires the ability to master gravitation and electro-magnetism which is no mean feat for an intelligent species. However, when one considers that the alternative is to learn how to exceed the speed of light by several factors it seems a far more achievable goal.
  11. This assumes the next stage of collective crisis that will occur in a thousand or so years does not itself result in utter collapse and extinction. By this stage, however, humans will have spread themselves far enough across time and space that true extinction will become unlikely. This is why I feel that the nuclear stage in which we now live is by far the most perilous of all stages; only now do we truly risk true and final extinction. Distant ages of the future will hopefully see intelligence spread so wide and far that even erupting supernovae cannot snuff it out entirely.
  12. While the intellectual ghetto of pure anthropocentrism does not survive in timelines inhabited by numerous non-human intelligent beings, the collective psychocentrism of all intelligent beings strengthens rather than weakens the general application of the theory in my opinion.
  13. Even in many distant futures where the “gods” of Hilbert space are a common fact of life, there are still organics who denigrate them with slurs equivalent to “toaster” or “skinjob” and refuse to acknowledge them as true conscious beings. Indeed, even in the ancient era of the current day our term “robot” indicates a slave without a will of its own. Even artificial intelligence contains a denigrative connotation that denies the being its very reality. To us this seems unimportant as we are now incapable of creating true conscious intelligence outside of ourselves, but in the future these idiomatic quirks will become emblematic of the intractable social issue of machine rights.
  14. The very sort of tank in which I rudely awoke those many centuries ago, believing myself abducted by aliens and mad with terror.
  15. It is not false to say that tesseract “quantum physics” is somewhat akin to our regular physics with the usual complications arising from extra-dimensional observation. It is assumed they also have knowledge of what we call quantum (two-dimensional) physics, as its study is often discovered to be the reason for their visits. It is probably good for us that, unnerving and life-threatening as encounters with such beings may be, their explorers also tend to be scientists more interested in knowledge than conquest. Still, sometimes that knowledge requires vivisections without anesthetics.
  16. There may very well be Octeract negative beings who have also developed techniques for trans-dimensional particle engineering, but the paraphysical mechanism by which organic life—both biological, quasi-biological and negative—arises is due to physical interactions with the pseudo-physical superdimension called the Thaumatadiastasis which is covered in my discourse “Thaumatology.”
  17. I have seen it in writing and attempted to read it, but it was composed of a set of 108 thick volumes containing mathematics far outside of my meager understanding. As a further digression I would also like to note the primary formula fit on the first page and subsequent 11,663 pages were its footnotes.
  18. A biologically empty universe as theorized would be an undifferentiated infinity. In a theorized universe in which probability equals zero rather than one, each timeline would be completely identical to the others and therefore the multiverse would both be truly infinite and also truly singular. Because probability equating to one is inclusive to it equalling zero, the multiverse is still truly infinite; however what we think of as the multiverse— fractalized negentropic temporal probability cascades—is only quasi-infinite.
  19. It is believed most Machine Intelligences have names with which they refer to themselves, but the only ones thus far recorded take the form of extremely long mathematical formulae and cannot be reasonably said out loud let alone memorized (outside of cult worshipers, that is). Most are given nicknames; Chukwu was the name the ethnically-Nigerian Dr. Maribar gave to it after the ancient Igbo deity of the same name.
  20. This cognitive dissonance amongst biologists spawned multiple Luddite groups who shunned modern research equipment for more antique equipment such as particle accelerators and electron microscopes.
  21. Despite our observations of the probabilistic nature of the particle states and Schroedinger’s famous cat, in a universe without observers particle phase states which seem to change based on observation are not primarily a function of probability. Our experiments that change these states through observation and can make a particle appear to be in two physical locations at the same time are distorting effects of multi-dimensionality which are explained in Enneract Multiversity Theory. However, observation itself is a form of reflexive negentropy, so it still can be said that technically our observations do affect particle states in some fashion. We all know that technically right is the best kind of right, so we’ll leave it at that.