The General Layout of the Tower

Image of a clock surrounded by lights, wires, and scaffolding.
The Wizard’s Tower is a universe unto itself, seemingly designed to attract magical artifacts.

The Wizard’s Tower is both a place and a magical artifact in and of itself whose origin and purpose is shrouded in mystery.

It is conjectured that the prime function of the Tower is in the procurement of artifacts magical, technological, and sometimes merely artistic. This is based on the fact that most of the Tower is taken up in the storage of just such items.

History and Origin of the Wizard’s Tower

Nobody knows the true name of this strange crossroads in time and reality. It may have no name at all, though it appears to have been made by some sort of intelligent beings.

One thing is clear: the Tower is unbelievably ancient and has been occupied numerous times by wildly different beings over the course of its long existence.

It is thought by most that the name “the Wizard’s Tower” arose from the group of wizards who currently study and use it for their own ends.1 However, the wizards of Atlass are only its most recent inhabitants.

Additionally, it is also not clear why it is referred to as a “tower” considering it has no windows or even an outside. Most likely it is the tiered, cylindrical layout with a top and a bottom that reinforces this perception.

Size, Dimensions, and Physics

Although no known researcher has been able to breach the interior wall to verify, it is generally accepted that there is no physical outside to the Tower. Less than a blank nothingness, it simply does not exist.

This belief is backed up by the abundance of experience with pocket dimensions and physical teleportation techniques used widely throughout the Worlds of Atlass and Atlantis.

As such, the pocket universe that makes up the Tower is cylindrical in shape and has gravity (or something like it) oriented from one pole of the cylinder. Time, three-dimensional space, and all the typical aspects of an environment suitable to biological life are present.

The inside of the cylinder is coated with a thick layer of a stone-like substance that feels weirdly alive at times and has been observed to “heal” itself of damage.

The diameter of the Tower is precisely 324 cubits2, or just shy of 211 meters. Malicule the Meticulous places the full height of the Tower at 972 cubits, or more than 632 meters.

In the Garage and at the base of the Observatory, the circumference of the Tower is an expected 735.133 cubits (478 meters). However, both the Warehouse and Library levels often wind and meander in ways seemingly at odds with this measurement.

It also appears the Tower itself subtly expands and contracts every so often, and sometimes physical reality at any given location can become strangely altered. Therefore, measuring the Tower is more difficult than one might expect, and taking a precise measurement of the height is near impossible.

The 36 Levels of the Tower

Including the Garage, there are 36 levels within the Tower accessed by the centrally-located Elevator. The Elevator itself is a large circular platform which can be raised or lowered and appears to function magically rather than mechanically.

The Garage and Catwalks

As already mentioned, the Garage is the base level of the Tower and is the location of the 108 World Doors. Aside from a central column housing the Elevator, it is mostly open space. Considering it rises around 500 cubits into darkness from its 324 cubit-wide base, it is an awesome sight.

It is also home to a strange network of jury-rigged walkways encircling the outer wall called simply the “Catwalks“. During the long history of the Tower, it appears a number of beings have attempted to make it a home of sorts by carving niches into the walls and connecting them using all manners of materials.

The niches vary widely in style, showing occupation and re-occupation by an eclectic assortment of cultures, technology, and even species. Most remain furnished, presumably by occupants who died or became locked out of the Tower.

The Catwalks rise to the highest levels of the Garage, but become increasingly dangerous and chaotic. This section of the Catwalks is called the Maze, and few venture into its darkness despite rumors of pilfered magical artifacts being hidden within the rickety scaffolding.

The Warehouse

Virtually all storage space is located on levels 2 through 29, known collectively as the Warehouse. The magical artifacts and other cultural and technological ephemera of 108 worlds and countless years are collected here.

The Warehouse is managed by the Archivist, a copper-plated android who oversees dozens of smaller, spider-like creatures who store and arrange interred items.

The Warehouse is covered in greater detail in the article Levels 2-29: The Warehouse.

The Library

As one can imagine, a great number of the artifacts taking up space within the Tower are books. The Library is the collection of books that have found their way into the Tower and is comprised of levels 30 through 35.

Like the Warehouse, the Library is overseen by a mechanical android called the Librarian who commands a small army of copper spiders who do the physical work of sorting and caring for the books, maps, recordings, and other ephemera stored within.

The Observatory

Above the Library at the terminus of the Elevator is another vast, open area like the Garage. Unlike the garage, it is brightly list by a giant glowing orb sitting atop a winding staircase at its center.

Here the outer wall is not encased with in the pseudo-stone that makes up the walls of the rest of the Tower. Rather, a mirror-like geodesic dome crowns the ceiling of the Tower.

This upper pole of the cylinder was dubbed the Observatory due to what appears to be a viewing device located at the top of the winding staircase. It is currently inoperative and the best efforts of the Aurantian researchers have not been able to determine how to activate it.

Small alcoves meant to hold each of the 108 Keys line the inside of the central staircase. Each time a Key is added to its alcove, the orb pulses and slight changes can be detected in its luminosity.

As all 108 Keys have not yet been recovered, it is unknown what would happen if all are present at the same time. It is conjectured by Rodolfo the Clock Maker that such an event could mean anything from a “reset” of the 108 Worlds to the complete annihilation of existence itself.

Regardless of the effect, he claims that some sort of temporal manipulation involving all 108 Worlds would occur in such an event.3

  1. The Aurantian Concordat is a group of wizards from the 69th Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass.
  2. One cubit is equal to 65.07480 centimeters (25.62 inches).
  3. Rodolfo the Clock Maker. Horological and Horomantic Review Respective To Purple-13 L36. 1st ed. Puce: Aurantian Concordat Press, 486 69A.