Level 1: The Garage and Catwalks

The Garage makes up the ground floor of the Wizard’s Tower. It is used as both a staging area for expeditions into the Many Worlds and as storage for the vehicles, animals, and other equipment used to carry them out.

The diameter of the Garage is a little less than 211 meters. Its height stretches an estimated 500 meters into a dark labyrinth of rope bridges, ladders, and tunnels carved into the walls.

At ground level, 108 alcoves line the wall. Each alcove is approximately six meters wide and 12 meters high. The back of each alcove is comprised of a World Door leading to the corresponding universe indicated on the wall of the alcove.

The Six Pillars

Six large pillars with glowing orbs atop them are placed in a circle between the large, central pillar of the Elevator and the wall of the Tower. Large alcoves line the wall, each holding a World Door.

Each of the six Pillars is roughly 20 meters tall and made of the same pseudo-stone material as the floor and walls of the Garage. The orbs atop them are dimly-lit, ensuring much of the Garage remains in darkness.

Efforts by the Aurantians to increase the brightness of these orbs have so far been unsuccessful. Rodolfo the Clock Maker has stated he believes the orbs are tied to the Great Orb located in the Tower’s observatory.1

Clustered around each pillar are hordes of equipment and artifacts from previous inhabitants of the Tower. With the dim light and maze of crates and storage containers of every possible description, navigating the immense floor of the Garage can itself be a daunting task.

The Elevator

In the center of the Garage is a massive pillar. This houses the large circular platform used to travel between the levels of the Tower, and rises all the way to the ceiling of the Garage.

At the ground level, the pillar opens up on six sides forming a hexagonal structure of six smaller pillars. At its center on the ground rests the platform inside. It is a simple circle, roughly 20 meters across and made from the same pseudo-stone as floor and walls inlaid with tiles depicting the arithmantic formula required for activation.

In order to activate the platform, one must cast an arithmantic spell based on the encrypted numbers depicted in the Tower’s unique numeral system2. Activating the platform causes it to rise quickly to the desired level.

Although the combination of magic and engineering is common throughout the magical worlds, the platform itself is not a mechanical device. The platform always appears to be present on each level, even when in use. It can be used by different passengers in quick succession, always reappearing in the floor instantaneously after activation.

Despite the fact the Elevator seems more akin to a teleportation device, when activated it gives the sensation of physically levitating upward to both passengers and observers. Malicule the Meticulous conjectured it works through an esoteric form of trans-dimensional tunneling, such that dimensionally-layered individual instances of the Elevator are created by activation and destroyed when disembarked.3

The Catwalks

Starting several meters above the ring of 108 alcoves holding the World Doors, the Catwalks connect a large number of rooms carved into the pseudo-rock of the Tower wall.

These rooms appear to have been carved into the wall in specific locations and do not ring the wall uniformly like the World Doors. As such, the walkways and ladders that make up the Catwalks wind chaotically around the wall.

The ladders, bridges, and walkways also appear to have been constructed, repaired, and re-constructed over the course of millenia. Because of this, both their style and state of repair varies wildly. It is common to see a modern industrial steel walkway bridged by hemp rope or accessed from a bamboo ladder.

The Maze

Accessed from the very top rooms of the Catwalks is the Maze, named due to its criss-crossing, chaotic network of bridges, catwalks, and ladders existing the darkness at the top of the Garage.

The Maze has not been fully explored, even by the Aurantians. Most who pass through the Tower see little point in taking the risk of a fall or running afoul of whatever creatures inhabit it.

It is known that at least one of some type of being or beast inhabits the Maze as sometimes a howl can be heard from the heights of the Garage. If it has ever ventured down to the level of the main Catwalks or to the floor of the Tower, none has noticed.

However, few who have braved to venture into its twisting maze of rope bridges and perilous heights have ever been heard from again.

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