Levels 30-35: The Library

Above the levels that make up the Warehouse sits another, similar grouping of levels. Collectively referred to as the Library, levels 30-35 house a gargantuan collection of books, scrolls, maps, pamphlets, journals, magazines, and all manner of written and recorded materials from 108 Worlds.

Like the Warehouse each level of the library ends with a sort of mezzanine in its center. The center itself is a large, open space which acts as a conduit for the Elevator as well as the numerous spider-like robots that that tend the books and other materials interred within. The “ground” floor of the Library is actually level 30 of the Wizard’s Tower.

Dimensions and Organization

In many ways the Library is almost identical to the Warehouse. They share a similar central atrium construction as well as a robotic workforce of brass spiders with a central overseer. They also share the same height: the Library is also around 70 meters in total height.

Unlike the Warehouse’s 28 levels, however, the Library is comprised of only six levels, all of which are an identical height of 11.7 meters.

Like the Warehohuse, maze-like tunnels snake out on each level from the center. In the Library these tunnels are lined with large shelves lined with brass railings. The railings are used to hold ladders mounted on casters for access to the upper shelves.

Unlike the Warehouse’s utilitarian grayness, the Library is decked in polished rare woods, velvety carpeting, and lit by lamps with shades made from precious gems. Everything about the Library suggests a comfortable refuge for whoever created it.

Within the snaking tunnels of the Library, a variety of “study areas” exist. Typically these will be comprised of anywhere from one to several large tables. It is not uncommon to also find collecitons of sofas, divans, easy chairs, and other furniture good for reading.

Classification of Materials

The Library is organized into three main collections with two levels dedicated to each: Earthic (levels 30-31), Atlantic (levels 32-33), and Atlassic (levels 34-35).

Other than this, there is no clear organization to how materials are stored or retrieved. While Malicule the Meticulous writes that there is some form of order to the seeming chaos, it eludes even his formidable ability to discern its pattern.

The Librarian

No doubt due to the stunning complexity of a collection with hundreds of millions of items, searching and retrieval of materials is handled by the Library’s overseer. The Librarian is a brass and copper humanoid automaton that oversees the administration of the Library.

As with the Archivist, Rodolfo the Clock Maker reprogrammed the Librarian to murder any being that went beyond the central atrium and receiving area of the library.

However, Parciloquy the Peculiar was subsequently able to undo Rodolfo the Clock Maker’s reprogramming. Then, in true Aurantian fashion, he arithmantically reprogrammed the Librarian to murder anyone attempting to enter the Library aside from himself and Laddys Fermille.