Level 36: The Observatory

The Observatory rests at the top of the Tower under an immense geodesic dome. At its center is a brass lattice tower with a hexagonal base and a large, glowing orb at its apex.

It is the repository for all 108 World Keys and presumed to be the control center of the Tower itself. Despite the best efforts of the Aurantians, the secret to its functioning has not been revealed.

It isn’t generally known why the top of the Wizard’s Tower is referred to as an observatory specifically.

Rodolfo the Clock Maker surmised that the inert control system at the base of the lattice tower is used for remote viewing places within the Many Worlds. This was proven by Laddys Fermille after a series of experiments using the Upsilon Chi World Key.

Dimensions and Layout

The floor of the Observatory is a circle roughly the same size as the floor of the Garage – approximately 211 meters in diameter. Rising to a height of nearly 124 meters from the base, the 6v geodesic dome1 that caps the Tower is comprised of 648 individual facets arranged as an icosahedron.

From floor to the top of the Orb, the central lattice tower measures slightly more than 70 meters. At its base, the tower forms a hexagon with a circumradius of 164 meters. The Orb itself is a globe with a diameter of nearly 12 meters.

World Key housings accessed from the floor are equally spaced in a circle around the inside of the tower’s base in order corresponding to the World Doors ringing the Garage.

The six legs of the lattice tower also correspond to the six pillars located within the Garage. It is clear the doors, pillars, and the lattice tower are connected. How they are connected is still a mystery, however.

Like much of the Tower, the various components inside the Observatory are a mix of copper, brass, and bronze. The lattice tower itself is made of copper with inlays of brass, silver, and gold.

The material forming the geodesic dome is unknown, but is completely smooth like glass with a mirror-like surface.

The Control Deck

While the World Keys are interred in battery-like housings in the floor, the controls that manipulate them and the Tower are located on a platform about 20 meters up the lattice tower.

The controls look like something from an adventure cartoon of the 1930s: dials, levers, switches, and needle gauges cover a broad, silver panel. Transistor tubes, vials of mercury, and alembics on bunson burners fill shelves and tables crowding the platform.

The Vault

At the base of the lattice tower is an ordinary-looking chest that is anything but ordinary. It was placed by there by decree of the Aurantian Concordat originally as a means of securing their own Omega Prime World Key.

Later, however, it became a way to secure the growing stash of World Keys from would-be thieves as well as from each other.

The quest for the Phi Chi World Key by Laddys Fermille and Parciloquy the Peculiar was originally undertaken due to the Concordat’s refusal to allow the use of the Omega Prime World Key in their experiments.

  1. For more on what constitutes a 6v geodesic dome, see: geodesic dome frequency.