Levels 2-29: The Warehouse

Above the Garage sits the 28 individual levels collectively known as the Warehouse. The myriad, twisting halls that snake away from the central receiving area are stuffed with all manner of strange artifacts collected over a vast, unknown number of years from the Many Worlds.

Levels 2-29 are not self-enclosed levels, but rather all open into a circular space between 20-30 meters wide. Level 2 acts as the ground level for the Warehouse.

The open space between each level acts as both a passage for the Elevator when moving to the levels beyond and as a conduit between Warehouse levels for the myriad mechanical creatures which tend and organize the artifacts within it.

Dimensions and Organization

The full height of the 28 levels that make up the Warehouse is approximately 70 meters. The height of individual levels varies, allowing the efficient storage of both very large and very small items.

The largest of the levels, Level 2, is almost 20 meters in height and the largest artifacts are stored here. By contrast, Level 27 is only slightly more than one meter in height and is used to store the smallest and most delicate objects. Most of the 28 levels are between five and ten meters in height.

Each level is accessed by using a mechanical elevator located on the edge of the receiving area. Although it appears to be an antique brass elevator common in Atlantis or Earth’s early modern period, its sides are etched and worked with strange, inhuman designs.

The brass and copper automatons that tend the Warehouse navigate the levels and hallways by way of a pneumatic tunnel system built into the structure itself. These spider-like creatures have also been observed using the iron pipes and guard rails rising from the receiving area to travel between the levels of the Warehouse.

The Archivist

Although it is not known how many of the brass spider automatons exist, at least around one hundred have been witnessed in the same place on a number of occasions.

Although each automaton is physically small, they typically work together in swarms such that even extremely large and heavy objects are able to be moved and placed with delicate precision.

This swarm of brass spiders is controlled by the Archivist, another brass automaton with a humanoid shape. This robotic creature is responsible for the maintenance and general operation of the Tower levels that make up the Warehouse.