Guide to the Many Worlds of the Wizard’s Tower

Dubbed les Plusieurs Mondes by the Aurantian researcher Laddys Fermille, the “Many Worlds” refers to a group of 108 alternate universes all connected by the Tower. They can be broadly grouped into two categories: Earth and Atlass.

Each World Door is itself a path to a particular juncture in the timelines of these two infinities.

The Alternate Earths

an image of an Earthic supply depot
The Worlds of Earth tend to have less magic than Atlass, frequently leading to the development of technologically-advanced civilizations. But with power over physical reality comes great danger and the specter of the apocalypse is never far away.

The Many Worlds of Earth all display remarkably similar, though often divergent characteristics. Each of the 36 alternate Earths share the same astronomical and geological features and are all considered low-magic.

Unlike the other Worlds, the Earths have a strong degree of homogeneity in many aspects, including individuals, languages, and societies. It is common for the several different versions of the same individual to be found in their respective Earths.

Α | Alpha Prime: The “Real”

Earth Alone among all the 108 Doors, Alpha Prime is completely inoperative and cannot be activated. It is presumed the World behind this Door is the one you are sitting in right now.

Σ | Sigma Prime: The Aryan Golden Age

The strangest version of Earth where Adolph Hitler led a Judaic and Catholic coalition of Central European states as a yogic guru against the warmongering, neo-feudal global British Empire and the mysterious Thule Society.

  • Σ | Dick Speer – The Man of Ebony: from slave to cosmonaut, he serves as a Nazi artifact hunter in Sigma Prime, forever at odds with his rational, humanistic ideals and the ugly truths revealed by his paranormal investigations.
  • Σ | Srila Adolph Matreia Rothschild Hitler – Unlike most Hitlers, the one from Sigma Prime gained enlightenment in the mystical city of Shambalah, returning to Europe to lead a coalition against the evil British Empire. Now he is willing to sacrifice everything to defeat the Elder Gods; even if that means selling out the entire human race.
  • Σ | Project Osiris

ΣΙ | Sigma Iota: The Zombie Apocalypse

An Earth very much like our own, with one important difference: human civilization succumbed to massive zombie apocalypse in 2012. And the only thing that can save it are vampires.

  • ΣΙ | Violet Vasquez – Before the plague, she enjoyed reading books about zombie wastelands and vampire romances. Now that a vampire is the only thing keeping her alive from the zombie hordes in Tau Prime, she prefers historical biographies.
  • ΣΙ | Gregory – A reclusive twelve-hundred-year-old vampire bent on finding the source of the zombie plague of Tau Prime while struggling with the moral dilemma posed by his growing feelings for his precocious companion and his need to feed on her blood to survive.

Τ | Tau Prime: Metahuman Paradise

Global warming: Solved. Terrorism: A thing of the past. Disease: What’s that? In the 23rd century, life is a post-scarcity playground for a meta-humanity living in a digitally-augmented world. But the powers over space itself meta-humanity has unlocked may just eradicate the entire solar system and everything in it.

  • Τ | Ziggy Stardust – A meta-human from the 23rd century who discovers the Epsilon Prime Key on Mars and accidentally unleashes a plague with the power to destroy every living thing in the solar system. Life for this androgynous android is about to get complicated and that means expensive.

The Inevitable Realm of Atlass

an image of the Purple Villa during the 69th Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass
The Worlds of Atlass are rich with magical energy to the point of corruption. The decadent populations of every age become bored with its novelty, succumbing to malaise and eventual annihilation within a few generations.

The Inevitable Realm of Atlass is a planet tidally-locked and orbiting a white dwarf star, one side of the planet in perpetual daylight, the other in night. But the Inevitable Realm of Atlass is also one much like Earth orbiting a young, golden sun and fecund with primeval life. Yet another seems to have been knocked free from its stellar orbit, anchoring a broken moon and roaming the space between stars.

Unlike the alternate Earths, the timelines representing the Invevitable Realm of Atlass appear to diverge immensely within time. While the Tower connects to Earthic divergences from dozens to thousands of years apart, the Atlassic realms span millions of years.

Φ | Phi Prime: The Sundered Aeon

A barbaric, post-apocalyptic fantasy world where death flourishes under a broken moon.

  • Φ | Apateia Potam Tria – Elven mage who will do anything to survive during the Sundered Fifth Age of Atlantis.
  • Φ | Razael Potam Stasi – A half-demon rogue, spy, and general rapscallion-for-hire in the Last Great City.

Y | Upsilon Prime: The Age of Anda

A time when humans live alongside a variety of human-animal hybrids in the last beautiful place on a world dying of sickness.

  • Y | Thanda – A leader of the Ganesha, a race of anthropomorphic elephant people living as slaves in their former home of Kapilavastu. Torn between a shameful love and the plight of her people, she doesn’t know what the future will bring.
  • Y | Prince Dharmik – A benign prince of the human Insaan and the rightful heir to the throne of Kapilavastu. He wants to end the slavery of the Ganesha, but will the revelation of a taboo secret destroy his plans?
  • Y | Ravana – The Machiavellian leader of the a secret tribe of Rakshasa, the feline humanoids that inhabit the plains of the southern valley. He is intent on pitting the Insaan and Ganesha against each other, but why?

Ω | Omega Prime: The 69th Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass

The final aeon of Inevitable Realm of Atlass, a decadent age of malaise where literally nothing is surprising anymore

  • Ω |The Aurantian Concordat – a loose council of Wizards that pretend to rule the 69th Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass. Fueled largely by monomaniacal egotism, they have each vowed to unlock every secret within the Tower.
  • Ω | Diane the Wayfarer – Bandit, sadist, serial killer, psychopath… the list of epithets directed toward this 69th-Aeon ranger are as boundless as her appetite for depravity.