ΕΚΑΤΑΑΘ: Encyclopedia of the Multiverse

What we generally think of as the Universe is a much larger and stranger sort of affair than you can probably guess. One of the keys to this strangeness lies in a simple observation: everything which exists is in motion. And everything means everything.

From the atoms that make up your body to the planet your body is sitting on careening through the cosmos. One might even consider movement to be the prime attribute of our existence.

This same motion which rules everything is also intimately bound up with the phenomenon of time, and it is the oscillating interaction between the two which gives the physical universe its infinite characteristic. Further, when this physico-temporal infinity is combined with the phenomenon of life, the Multiverse is produced.1

Thus the Multiverse is not a place, but a particular state of being brought about by the interaction between time, physical space and living things. A single universe like the one we exist within is but one iteration of every possible combination of physical processes.

A Timeline is a dominant thread of these infinitely-branching iterations, a main artery of existential experience. Given this, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the most timelines are those which coalesce around intelligent life forms such as ourselves.

Now, I do not mean to bore you with scientific details, however I think it is important to be in a proper frame of mind when considering the 108 doorways that connect the Wizard’s Tower to the physical universe. These portals are not mere shortcuts made between points in physical space. Each of the Tower’s doors connects to specific point in space and time.

Let’s say you travel through the Alpha One portal. You will find yourself in an Earth almost identical to this one, albeit in the year 1998. In our hypothetical adventure, we’ll assume enough of you made it back to be reconstituted in the gene tank.

Here is where the difference becomes important: for if you now leave by the same portal you would find yourself in exactly the same situation as the first time, all other changes and interactions erased.

Neither the “past you” nor any of the other beings who may have travelled through that door in the past will be there. If you made a friend, they will not remember who you are. If you (accidentally, of course) murdered someone, then they will still be as hale and hearty as when you first found them. In short, time will seem to you have reset itself.

Earth and Agarth

The locations where one is deposited after leaving the Tower vary in each timeline, but all lead to one of two general locations: the planet Earth or the planet Agarth. Thus the timeline beyond each portal can be said to be either Earthic or Agarthic.2

Earth and Agarth are two planets linked by the Tower but existing in two different galaxies. The archetypal Earth is identical to our own planet and solar system for the most part. Agarth, however, is another matter entirely.

Little is known about the galaxy or solar system in which Agarth exists, owing to the bizarre nature of the planet itself: Agarth is a hollow world roughly the size of Saturn. Within this strange, inside-out world the oceans, lands and peoples cover the inside of the planet rather than its outside.

From a distance, it is likely any of the Earths would appear identical to our own. The closer you look, however, the more differences you may find. Continents, species and humanity itself can differ drastically from one Earth to the next. More often than not the similarities will outnumber the differences, but the alien cultures in both the distant past and distant future may make the point moot.

The 108 timelines are divided according to their corresponding Prime doorway, of which there are twelve. Each Prime doorway is linked to a significant time in the history of Earth or Agarth which differs markedly from the others.

In between each prime door are eight Degrees. Each degree is a timeline which represents some alternate or variant of its nearest prime, blending some historical elements of the corresponding Primes it lies between.

A doorway is labelled according to its Prime and its location. For instance, our world is Alpha Prime, but if you were to travel to the Earth seven doors to its right, you would be in the Earth of Alpha Seven.

The Earthic Primes

The worlds of Earth require little introduction, as we live in one of them. Earth is the third planet from our Sun and is covered with a thin atmosphere of oxygen, nitrogen and other gasses. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of four billion years old and usually sports several continents and a couple big oceans.

Earth is the home of a few races of intelligent beings, but the most prolific by far is that cosmic cockroach known as Humanity. Humans can be found just about everywhere in the cosmos, for some bizarre reason which I firmly believe is related to the Wizard’s Tower.

The locality which Earth finds itself is also home to a race of four-dimensional beings referred to simply as the Elder Gods. These beings exist outside of our conventional spacetime, but interact with our world and universe through their advanced technology. Interference by these beings a fixture of human history on the Earth.

A | Alpha Prime

Alpha Prime is this world you and I inhabit. It is the truest of the Earths, which is to say it is the most like and unlike any of the others. It is impossible to physically travel between the Tower and our Earth using the portal, which was damaged or disabled at some point in the remote and ancient past.

Σ | Sigma Prime

Sigma Prime is a version of Earth which exists far in the future from our perspective. It is dominated by the peoples of Atlantis, a large continent existing in the middle of what we know as the Atlantic Ocean. In this primeval world, barbarism clashes with high science. Initiates in the esoteric arts pull the strings of both science and barbarism behind the scenes in service to unspeakable gods.

Λ | Lambda Prime

Earth Lambda is centered on an alternate Permian Earth in which the super-continent of Pangea is home to a large variety of human-animal hybrid races straight out of our own myths and legends: centaurs, ganesha, rakshasas, harpies and more populate this savage realm. But it is a world home to a dying biosphere in which the living must compete in an ever-shrinking pool of resources.

Γ | Gamma Prime

In the world of Earth Gamma, humanity has spent much of its history threatened with extinction due to the meddling of the Elder Gods. That is probably why nobody expected that nuclear war would be our final downfall. But where there is life there is hope, and there are still those who believe science will thwart what most view as humanity’s inevitable extinction.

Ψ | Psi Prime

In the timeline of Earth Psi, humanity has conquered time and space and now lays claim to a million star systems stretching across the Milky Way. Entirely new species of humanoids have arisen, creating a rainbow of strange life-forms, many of whom worship a mystical power accessed by ingesting DMT. The planet Earth was thought to be a myth until its rediscovery brought the galaxy to its knees.

Y | Upsilon Prime

The world of Earth Upsilon is much like our own, with one important exception: the fairy tale monsters and creatures of the night are all too real. As population of humanity grew and these were pushed farther and farther into a vanishing wilderness, some decided to fight back. The result was nothing less than the zombie apocalypse.

The Agarthic Primes

The planet Agarth is a massive, hollow world where life has evolved on the inside rather on the outside. It is roughly the size of our Saturn, with a crust that features a thin mantle and giant, pulsing ball of plasma at its center which creates a sort of day and night cycle.

Much of the inside surface of Agarth is covered with a massive ocean and dotted with chains of massive islands that more resemble continents from an Earthic perspective.

Agarth is a planet that was likely created by magic and it is teeming with magical energy. It is the homeworld of the Asura, Deva, Naga, Annunaki, Djinn and various other legendary races of magical beings. It also has a fairly sizable population of humans, presumably imported from Earth through the Tower in the ancient, forgotten past.

The planet is largely divided into two hemispheres: Patala and Atlass. Much of Agarthic history centers around the Demon Realm of Patala, which is by far the more populated and diverse of the two. The Inevitable Realm of Atlass is such an historically small, reclusive and insular society that many in Patala consider it a myth. They see Atlass as a desolate waste surrounded by a boiling, monster-filled ocean and nothing more.

Δ | Delta Prime

The Demonic Empire of Patala dominates the ever-expanding hollow world of Agarth Delta, ruling the numerous islands that dot the planet’s northern hemisphere. These islands are home to dozens of humanoid subspecies, the results of both genetic engineering and natural evolution. The demons of Patala rule them all from their mountain fortress where the avenues are said to be paved in gold and lined with precious gems.

Ω | Omega Prime

In the strange timeline of Omega Prime, the 69th Aeon of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass is an age ruled by general malaise. The planet has been shrinking now for hundreds of thousands of years, a process which seems to be accelerating. Each day the lands of Agarth buckle, and grow ever closer to the flaming ball of gas at its core, which grows ever larger as the vast oceans are emptied into it. The glorious empires of the Naga and Demons lay dead in lifeless ruin; all that remains is Atlass and soon it shall die also.

Ξ | Ksi Prime

The world of Agarth Ksi seems crafted straight from an epic fantasy. It is a young world where brave adventurers travel the seas of the Overworld seeking ancient treasures from the old world which came before. Some secrets should remain buried, however.

Φ | Phi Prime

The beings of Agarth Phi exist in a reality akin to a never-ending fantasy video game — a perpetual golden age of adventure. However, not all is at is seems. What the people who populate this paradise think is the real world is in fact a virtual one; the real world is nothing more than a simulation existing on banks of computers lining the caverns of a dead world.

Ε | Epsilon Prime

The people of Agarth Epsilon consider themselves the most advanced beings which have yet existed, but their hubris inevitably dooms them when they set in motion a chain of events which will destroy their planet and once again nearly bring intelligent life to complete extinction.

Π | Pi Prime

In Agarth Pi, the only remaining life which still exists lives within a vast, continent-sized cavern most refer to simply as Hell. Life clings to the edge of extinction between the frozen outside of a dead planet and the furnace of its core. They live in a perpetual darkness interrupted only by the soft glow of the insects and fungoids that cover the continent-sized cavern. Within this strange glowing realm the pitiful remnants of the former mighty empires have taken refuge in the Last Great City, a massive warren carved into the rock of their dead world.

  1. I cover this subject in more detail in my discourse Esoteric Cosmology.
  2. It should be noted that the Tower exit in a few Earthic timelines is actually located on the planet Mars.