The Aurantian Concordat

Few would say “Wizard” is just code for “emotionally-stunted man-child.” Mainly because a swift encystment would surely follow if they were to make such an assertion.

Imagine, if you will, spending literally thousands of years with nothing but books and homunculi for company. It is not difficult to extrapolate: such an existence does not lend itself to developing social graces.

Sadly, that does not stop the members of the Aurantian Concordat from trying, and usually failing, to carry on like normal people.

  • Parciloquy the Peculiar
  • Laddys Fermille
  • Malicule the Meticulous
  • Rodolfo the Clock Maker
  • Jonquil Narcisso
  • Baldo the Vargouille Slayer
  • Chakra Monkei