Project Osiris

Project Osiris is the name given to a small team of special operatives who travel the Earth searching for arcane knowledge and artifacts by investigating paranormal claims. It was created in 1979 by Srila Adolph Rothschild-Hitler. It was led by Dick Speer until his disappearance in 2001.

With his disappearance and the death or disappearance of the other key members and Srila Hitler himself, Project Osiris is now considered defunct.

Origin of Project Osiris

From the beginning of his plan to unify humanity, Srila Hitler relied heavily on the use of artifacts and rituals to tip the scales in his favor. It is not a secret that his very rise to power was facilitated by his mastery of the Shambhalic magical canon.

Before and during the war, most attempts to locate and retrieve magical relics were coordinated through the Nazi Ahnenerbe organization.

Unlike the Ahnenerbe of Alpha Prime,1 its mission in the Earth of Sigma Prime was to locate the genetic material needed to complete Hitler’s grand Project Messiah by cloning one of the extinct humanoid race Homo Sapiens Aryansis.

Because the acquisition of arcana was deemed less important to the acquisition of genetic candidates and due to a string of major battlefield victories during the Final War2, the organized search and collection of magical relics foundered.

This changed in 1977 when the space capsule of Dick Speer returning from orbit splashed down off the coast of Argentina and was drawn into a massive vortex. His discovery of the Eye of Medusa3 which led to the subsequent uncovering of the Thule Conspiracy4 led directly to the creation of Project Osiris by Srila Hitler on May 12, 1979.

Key Members

Dick Speer

Called the “Man of Ebony” due to his dark complexion and chiseled physique, Dick Speer is a study in success. A holder of doctorate degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, as well as a renowned jet fighter pilot, and the first human to orbit the Earth.

His world of enlightened rationality came to an end when the mystical Eye of Medusa was fused to his left eye socket, giving him paranormal powers.

Minty Speer

The cousin of Dick Speer and a child prodigy in the field of biochemistry.

Dr. Ariel Feingold

Archeologist, diplomat, historian, insurgent: Dr. Feingold played many roles in his life. His final role was the chief fixer and resident know-it-all of Project Osiris.

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  2. Known on Alpha Prime as “World War 2.”
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  4. For more, see: Thule Conspiracy