Weird Sci-Fi & Fantasy at the End of Time

The Wizard’s Tower publishes gamebooks, solo role-playing games, and fiction set in strange and fantastical worlds. Giant robots, mysterious wizards, time travel, zombies – the worlds of the Wizard’s Tower is a smorgasbord of sci-fi and fantasy adventure.

Current Gamebooks

image of an evil necromancer in old-school gamebooks

The Dungeon of Abkadev

Do you dare brave the horrors that await you in the Dungeon of Abkadev? Then have a look at this gamebook that hearkens back to the Fighting Fantasy adventures of the 1980s.

Available for free or small donation at DriveThruRPG.

Projects and Plans

image of sorceress in fantasy gamebooks

Project Tiefling: 2019

  • A gamebook based on the adventures of the Elven mage Atrocia Bol and the Tiefling rogue Razael in a lost city so ancient it has no name.
  • Infiltrate a cult of genetically-altered lizard men and find the Key to Psi Prime.
  • Unlock the world’s Tower Door and avoid the inevitable disaster that stalks the duo from the shadows.
  • Help the pair deal with trust issues as they navigate the back-stabbing nature of their relationship.
  • Featuring both coherent storyline and random dungeon generation.
  • Emphasis is placed on mapping and record-keeping to create a record of your adventures as Atrocia and Razael will show up again in future adventures. Of course, that assumes they survive in the first place.

About the Wizard’s Tower

The Wizard’s Tower is a place outside of space and time that bridges 108 different universes. The Wizard’s Tower Gamebooks is a publisher of fiction and solo role-playing games chronicling some of the exciting adventures that have been had thanks to the aforementioned Tower.

Our office is located in a strip mall in the beautiful city of Happy Valley, Oregon, a suburb of the City of Roses in the Cascadia Bioregion.

The Wizard’s Tower is a former subsidiary of Interdimensional Business Machines, Incorporated. Lancelot “L.L.” Squib and the the Wizard’s Tower are no longer associated with the U.S. Delaware corporation Interdimensional Business Machines.

Any summons, requests for information, or media inquiries regarding the international incident which involved the unauthorized construction of a nuclear power plant, alleged theft of state secrets of various nations, and alleged kidnapping of 648 U.S. citizens should be directed to the current Interdimensional Business Machines corporate headquarters in Kaamanen, Finland.