The Dungeon of Abkadev

At the culmination of an aeons-long battle between two immortal wizards, only one task remains. The retrieval of an ancient book outlining the arcane secrets of a forgotten age: the Tome of Vyzx!

Deep within the mountains your doom awaits, apprentice wizard. Do you have what it takes to outwit the traps and guardians that await you? Will you be able to outwit the deadly Dungeon of Abkadev?

Hello, my dearest reader. My name is Lancelot Squib and I humbly submit to you this adaptation of a Dungeon World scenario into a printable gamebook for your solo print-and-play entertainment.

An Old-School Gamebook You Can Print

A Print & Play Adventure, The Dungeon of Abkadev is a throwback to the classic gamebooks of the 1980s designed to be printed on your home printer and enjoyed with a pencil and two six-sided dice.

The Dungeon of Abkedev is available for FREE at as a PDF download. It features a large format 8.5 x 11 inches in black and white. Perfect for your cheapo Brother or Canon laser printer from Amazon.

At 40 pages, this printable gamebook is designed to take you an hour or two to get through. To give it that extra-1980s feel, it uses an approximation of the Fighting Fantasy rules system as featured in the 1983 classic Citadel of Chaos by Steve Jackson.

The Dungeon of Abkadev is a gamebook you can print.
The Dungeon of Abkadev is designed to be printed on any home laser printer.

Based on an Award-Winning One Page Dungeon

This printable gamebook was based on a winner of the 2016 One Page Dungeon contest, The Dungeon of Abkadev.

The Dungeon of Abkadev printable gamebook features artwork from’s excellent publisher resources, including: Tithi Luadthong, Heather Shinn, J.M.Woiak, Jack Badashski, and Luigi Castellani.

This maze of horrors (fungal and otherwise…) will be no small test of your old school gamebook prowess, and you will succeed — or die — according to the choices you make.

SPOILER ALERT!! The original Dungeon of Abkadev map by Maezar.

The Story So Far…

Though you are still an apprentice by title, you’ve come far in your arcane studies and are a skilled and resourceful sorcerer.

Your Master, M’Nop the Mage, was recently summoned to the fair town of Hazeldel ony to find his age-old enemy Abkadev the Malificent waiting in ambush for him.

You have travelled as fast as possible for the past two days to reach Hazeldel. What you have found there is vast and total destruction, the scene of a mighty battle between two god-like wizards.

You pick your way through a mile of the catastrophe, the dead reeking all around you. At the center you find a glowing tetrahedron floating next to a lone figure who stands apart staring off into the distance …

Dungeon of Abkadev Printable Gamebook
Ingredients for an old-school dungeon romp: A printer, a stapler, some sticky notes, two six-sided dice, and a pencil. Sprinkle liberally with imagination!

Do You Dare Enter the Dungeon of Abkadev?

Dungeon of Abkadev Print & Play AdventureDo you have the skill and stamina to outlast the crawling terrors and eldritch phantasms that fill the Dungeon carved from the very living rock of the mountains? Do you?

You are wise to say yes, for declining would mark you as a coward. Take up your cloak, sword, and spell book; adventure awaits!

If you think you have what it takes to master the maniacal traps present within this sadistic gauntlet of insanity masquerading as a printable gamebook, then by all means download the free PDF from As the world’s largest RPG store, they feature thousands of printable games.

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