Fighting Fantasy Printable Adventure Sheet Bookmarks

fighting fantasy adventure sheet

Like many gamebook fans, I’ve relied on a variety of media to track my progress over the years – notebooks, cards, the back of grocery lists – you name it. Recently, I returned to the Citadel of Chaos and had the bright idea to create my own adventure sheet in the form of a bookmark.

I’m sharing it here for free to liven up your adventuring a little also! The sheet is compatible with Fighting Fantasy rules as written in Citadel of Chaos.

The links below point to printable Adventure Sheets (double-sided, 5 bookmarks to a page).

Even as a kid I wasn’t fond of writing directly in the books. Usually I would use a  strip of paper as a make-shift bookmark and adventure sheet all-in-one. That’s basically the idea here.

Modified Fighting Fantasy Spell List

You begin your adventure by picking a number of spells from the following list that is equal to your MAGIC score. Each time you use a spell during the course of your adventure, cross it off the list.

This list is comprised of the original twelve spells that appeared in the Citadel of Chaos. However, they’ve been reworked a bit and grouped according to their use.

Some of the spells on this list will be useful to you in combat and some will heal your wounds when it is over, but most serve the purpose of giving you alternate methods of solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles within the dungeon. Some may not be useful at all, so choose carefully!


CREATURE COPY This spell allows you to conjure up a clone of an opponent in battle. The duplicate will have the same SKILL and STAMINA scores as its original, but will fight on your behalf until it is destroyed or the battle ended.

SHIELDING This spell creates a glowing magical force field that extends from your off hand and can be wielded like a shield. It repels both physical and magical attacks. If cast in combat, it will give you +1 SKILL point for the duration of the battle.

WEAKNESS This spell reduces the strength of a creature in combat, but is only effective against some creatures.


STRENGTH Casting this spell on yourself will cause you to grow to a large height, able lift and push large, heavy objects.

E.S.P. You can use this spell to tap into the mystic powers of clairvoyance to see events from afar or read the minds of others.

FIRE With the power of this spell you are able to manipulate fire into doing your bidding! Conjure an exploding fireball or rain a sheet of flames down upon your enemies.

FOOL’S GOLD By chanting this spell and making the proper hand gestures over a pile of common rocks and sand, they can be temporarily transmuted into solid gold. Indistinguishable from real gold except by magical probing, the gold will revert to it’s original state within a few days or if an attempt is made to melt it.

ILLUSION This powerful spell allows you to paint a picture of your own devising within the mind of one or more nearby creatures. It is most often used to camouflage yourself from enemies or impersonate another person.

LEVITATION You may cast this spell onto yourself into order to gently glide above a surface at any elevation the caster chooses. It can also be cast upon other creatures or objects; their movement while levitated is controlled by the caster.


Restoration spells are used to heal damage you take during the course of your adventure to your three core attributes: LUCK, SKILL, and STAMINA.

All three spells work the same way. Once cast, the spell will restore the attribute score by half its initial score, rounding down. The spell will never cause your attribute score to exceed its initial level. As an example, if you cast two Luck spells together, your LUCK score will only be restored to its initial level.

LUCK This spell will replenish your LUCK score by half its initial value, and may be cast any time during your adventure, except in battle.

SKILL This spell will replenish your SKILL score by half its initial value, and may be cast any time during your adventure, except in battle.

STAMINA This spell will replenish your STAMINA score by half its initial value, and may be cast any time during your adventure, except in battle.

The Wizard’s Tower is not affiliated with the Fighting Fantasy brand in any way, so these aren’t official or anything. Like any gamebook fan, the series holds a special place in my heart; so naturally I wanted to share this with you. Let me know if you like them in the comments, and feel free to post requests for adventure sheets from other gamebooks!