The Dungeon of Abkadev, a Solo Adventure Gamebook

The Dungeon of Abkadev is a gamebook you can print.
The Dungeon of Abkadev is designed to be printed on any home laser printer.

Greetings, fellow travelers through the twisted, labyrinthine world of arcane madness that are solo adventure gamebooks!

The Dungeon of Abkadev is a short adventure  in the classic Fighting Fantasy style that casts you in the role of apprentice mage navigating a the trap-filled maze of a mad, evil, (and dare I say madly evil) arch-mage.

Using nothing more than the skill of your sword arm and your magical talents, you will face a veritable rogue’s gallery of horrors from fungoid horrors to cannibal guards.

The story behind the dungeon is based on one of the winners of of this year’s One Page Dungeon contest, The Dungeon of Abkadev by Maezar.

Taking inspiration from the minimalist sensibility of One Page Dungeons, a Print & Play Adventure is meant to be concise, packing as much adventure as possible into a short-form 100-passage gamebook.

The Dungeon of Abkadev aims to be an old-school dungeon crawl you can read on your lunchbreak, between classes, or simply to pass a little time on a Sunday afternoon.

Although you can read and play the Dungeon of Abkadev using any PDF reader, I recommend printing this solo adventure out for the maximum old school feel. It’s currently set to US Letter size paper: 8.5 by 11 inches.

Considering it’s an old-school dungeon crawl, of course The Dungeon of Abkadev has to have a very dice-rolly, skill-checky, add-up-your-attacky type of rules system.

That’s why I chose the Fighting Fantasy rules, which I streamlined a little (no escpaping from combat – mwuhahaha!) and reorganized. The Fighting Fantasy rule system is accessible, many gamebook fans are already very familiar with it, and it’s the original system used in the first (non-Tunnels and Trolls) gamebooks.

You can find the Dungeon of Abkadev at DriveThru RPG for the low, low price of FREE! You also have the option to send a little money my way, but that is optional. However, I would most appreciate you leaving your comments, criticisms, reviews, hopes, and dreams here or on The Wizard’s Tower Facebook page!